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Rhyme Flow, also known as MC Flowny, is an American rapper based in San Diego, California. His career, while short, has been marked by a fairly rapid rise to popularity, aided in part by his extremely frequent collaborations and tendency to rap over already popular tracks.

While Flow has no full-length solo releases to his name, he is currently working on two albums, each with a different full-time collaborator. Only one, tentatively named Flows and Cons, has been announced, and will be produced with Ibeabronyrapper. A demo of the album's lead single, "Gimmicks," featuring Blitz and Yelling at Cats, was released on January 5, 2013.



Year Title
2012 "24 Bars Over Pony Swag"
"Oatmeal Pie"
"8 Bars Over Love is in Bloom"
"Brew (The Prequel)" (with Colortwelve)
"Living in the Breeze" (with Sev Kicks)
"Dog Diamonds"
"Fluttercity" (with EpicMrEric)
"Ascension" (with Colortwelve)
"Dream" (with Vinxis & Feather)
"On My Own" (with mycutiemarkisagun & Yelling at Cats)
"Keep Me Smiling"
"Elements of Harmony" (with Koroshi-Ya & Meelz)
"Shadowbolt Dash" (with Flutterbully)
"On the Ground" (with Evdog)
"Dodge This" (with Ibeabronyrapper & Vinyl Scratch)
"More Than a Mark" (with Fractured Elements)
"Dark Empire" (with Versal & Buffalo)
"Diane's Cupcakes" (with mycutiemarkisagun)
"When the Blanks Arrived" (with Vinxis & Neon Jalapeño)
"Slender Me" (with Kyoga)
"Crazy" (with Sprocket Doggingsworth)
"Daybreak" (with Cherax Destructor)
"Flowny Answers"
"Apples of My Eye" (with Feather & Legion)
"Who's Babs?"
"Feel Good" (with Koroshi-Ya)
"Simply, Happy, Wonderful"
2013 "The Raindrop Model" (with mycutiemarkisagun)
"Gimmicks" (with Ibeabronyrapper, Blitz, & Yelling at Cats)
"Keep Calm Daddy-O" (with Sprocket Doggingsworth & Sax Brony)
"The Return of Disharmony, Part 1" (with Le Soldat Pony)
"Bronies on the Track" (with I Am Swagg)
"All That Shines" (with Nameless Warning)
"Re-Elevate and Remember"
"Dash of Lightning Fire" (with Versal & Dubious)
"Break the Sky" (with Ibeabronyrapper & Skyline)
"System_Error" (with inS)
"Shine" (with Ember Dash & Nikki Layne)

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