Red Eye
Red Eye cover by KTurtle
Writer/artist KTurtle
Date published May 15, 2011
Pages 6
Featuring The Mane Six
Nurse Redheart

Red Eye is a short six part comic created by KTurtle. The story itself is about Pinkie Pie who wakes up to find she has a red eye and how she uses this to her advantage as part of a prank on all her friends.


Red Eye Pic1 by KTurtle
The story starts at Sugarcube Corner where Pinkie Pie wakes up to greet Gummy, however when doing so see herself in a mirror reveling her left eye to be bloodshot red causing her to panic. Seeing her eye, she rushes to the infirmary where Nurse Redheart there tells her not to worry about her eye as it is simply a blood vessel in her eye which has burst causing her whole eye to look red and that in a week or two, the redness will disappear, and so, with this knowledge at her disposal Pinkie starts to think of something devious.
Red Eye Pic2 by KTurtle
Pinkie Pie starts to go to all her friends throughout Ponyville showing her eye to them scaring them about her eye which Pinkie explains afterwards to calm them down, the only pony Pinkie runs into who knows about her eye condition is Derpy Hooves who had recently had the same condition recently. As Pinkie goes around she spots Fluttershy from afar, knowing her eye will really upset her, Pinkie places some sunglasses on her eye to cover the red eye from Fluttershy who walks away without knowledge of Pinkie's eye. However when Pinkie thinks Fluttershy has gone and removes the sunglasses in the progress, Fluttershy returns and spots Pinkies eye scaring her away and at the same time upsetting Pinkie.

Pinkie then goes to Twilight Sparkle and asks her and the others to help her find Fluttershy to see if she is all right but after searching most of Ponyville top to bottom, they still couldn't find Fluttershy. Still feeling upset over the event, Twilight suggest that Pinkie should keep the sunglasses on for now and just leave Fluttershy alone wherever she may be. However as they leave, it is revealed that a tree that they were near-by was actually Fluttershy in disguise.

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