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Rarity Belle
Rarity vampire by bluecatinthemaskcrow-d6i3wee
Rarity Belle's current avatar
Other names Raritybell (formerly)


Active since April 2012
Known as Fan fiction author
Role player

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Rarity Belle (more commonly know as just Rarity) is an active Dutch roleplayer and fan fiction writer who has been publishing stories since April 2012. New stories were originally announced on and linked to her YouTube channel but since August 9th of 2012 everything went through FIMFiction. Rarity Belle began her YouTube channel on the 11th of April 2012 for role-playing purposes which mostly have been moved over to Ponysquare. Where nowadays she works just alone, the first stories were collaborations with another fan, Gearbox, but according to her, those where just chats reformed into walking stories.[1]

On October the second of 2012 she made the annoucement in a blog on FIMFiction that all her stories would go through a massvie editing and re-write progress. The progress was done on May 20th of 2013 when the rewritten version of 'Celestia Tortures Book I' was made public. Yet even with the progress done, rewrites and re-edits are not that uncommon in her older stories.

Origin of the name

The name of 'Raritybell' or as it now stands on her youtube channel as 'Rarity Belle' has a little story behind it. When people ask or asked her how she has gotten the name, the answer is always the same. She usual tells that if one thinks outside the box, and sees the name 'Sweetie Belle' not as one name, but as a first and last name. It would create 'Belle' as a last name.

And given how the last name of Rarity is never revealed in the show itself, the possibility is there that it indeed could be 'Belle' thus creating the name 'Rarity Belle'. 


Most of her created stories fit dark, gore or sad story tags. Most of her earlier works was that a golden rule for and they were either based on something or a sequel to something. CupCakes 2, for instance, is a sequel to Cupcakes; in A NightMare in Ponyville she keeps very close to the Nightmare on Elm Street 2010 remake. The first version of The Art of Magic was, in her own words, a Rainbow Factory knock-off.[2] Stories made after CupCakes 3 all have developed to be independend standing stories spreading over many different genres.

Her ideas for writing a story mostly come from listening to music, the origin of The Art of Magic came from listening to the Rainbow Factory music piece made by Glaze. Or when she looks at pictures, the picture show in The Cuse of Steam was the inspiration for that story, it was formarly show in a link on her channel saying My favorite dress, but the link got removed due to unknown reasons.

Some stories even pop up by asking questions such as: "What if, not all the weather, is made in CloudsDale?" and "What if, really heavy storms, are not made in the normal weather factories, but in a completely different one?" Which were the inspiration questions for The Storm Factory[3]

As her first stories mostly had Rarity in the spotlight, the further her works go, the more diverse the cast becomes, leading from the Mane 6 to Queen Chrysalis to self created original characters. One of her stories is even a memoir of Dr. Atmosphere, a charater used and created in the fiction Rainbow Factory.

She has a tendency to use medial capitals; for example, 'Spitfire' becomes 'SpitFire', and 'Cupcakes' 'CupCakes', though this manner of writing has lowered itself the more stories were written.

With the release of a story named Blood Curse Boutique, she appears to have completly defined her style to one particular genre. In her short bio on FIMFiction it states that she 'original stories in her own unique style and prefers physiological grimdark'. 

CupCakes 2

CupCakes 2

Writer(s) Rarity Belle
Date published June 1, 2012 (the original)

November 9, 2012 (the re-write)

Words 3,306
Status Complete
Type/genre Dark
Featuring Pinkie Pie
Part of CupCakes series (2 and 3 written by Rarity Belle)
Based on Cupcakes
Story link(s)
|| ||

It is about a week since anypony last heard from Rainbow Dash, but nopony has forgotten her. Rarity has agreed to make cupcakes with Pinkie Pie.

As she is icing the cupcakes Pinkie Pie knocks her out. When Rarity comes by again, she is faced with the horrors of Pinkamena Diane Pie, who tortures and kills her.

Pinkie Pie stuffs up Rarity as well as she did with Rainbow and pulls the next number, which appears to be 923.


  • In her own words, it was the original CupCakes that made her to write this story which on its ignited the fires to become an author of fictional work.
  • As part of her major re-edit/re-writing progess, this story was formated better, gained words and explained certain plot-holes better. The second version was released on the 9th of November 2012. The very first version of the story can still be read on her deviantart.
  • The story was followed up by another one story simply named CupCakes 3 and is to be said the last in her entry in the gruesome series.

On Nightmares and Moons

On Nightmares and Moons
Mlp two sides of luna by tehjadeh-d4idn12
The story's cover art on FIMFiction by TehJadeh
Writer(s) Rarity Belle
Date published December 3, 2012
Words 7.038
Status complete
Type/genre Sad

Slice of life

Featuring Princess Luna
Nightmare Moon
Show connection Changes of Luna from S1 to S2
Story link(s)

 The story opens with Luna questioning just why her life is as it is, wondering why she may not raise the moon on her own and rule over the night as she always did. With Nightmare Moon gone now, she has all right to do so again, accourding to herself. But as it is her turn to take seat on the throne again for the night, the sadness and rage are nearly uncontrolable in her. But she only shows it to the guards as tears of sadness. Some dare to question it, but the only response they get is her depature to the balcony where she cries further. One guard, a young captain in fact, has the courage to ask her the question again by the railing of the balcony. But the resonse he gets is an unusual one for Luna jumps off of it and he thinks she plummets down to her death, only to close his eyes and while they are closed, feeling the wind of something going up.

Luna had set her eyes on the castle where the Elements of Harmony are stored and eventually does arrive there as countless memories begin to boil up again. Memories from just before her banishment to the moon but tries her best to shake them off. After that she is going to do the very thing she came for, summoning Nightmare again from the Void and ask her for her wisdom.

The summon is a success with the only exception of Nightmare being a purple mist wearing her traditional helmet but the two mares begin to talk to each other deeply about matters bothering the mind of Luna. But in the far end of the conversation, Nightmare returns to her regular self and tries to regain control over the body of Luna.

This is partly a success as Luna is now transformed into the mare that can be seen in Season 2 Episode 4. Nightmare is now residing in her heart and still tries to take over, but during their merging, Luna has gotten a very ingenius give in as she explains things to Nightmare. But before she speak it to Nightmare, she uses all her might to rise the night on her own for the first time in over a thousand years and succeeds on the first attempt.

The mare in her heart is literally shocked upon hearing the words and has ti give her a right in them. But there is still one matter that has to be settled, Celestia herself.

Luna re-enters the castle as Celestia welcome her back, but Luna desires to speak with her before they go back to the balcony where the final confrontation with words is held. In the end Nightmare appears in front of Celestia saying that ponies can't have something during the day which they will have during the night, absolute rest.

The story ends with a small epilogue telling what happened after the events and also asks the reader a question.


  • The young captain mentioned in the story shares the looks of Shining Armor, but his name is never given thus leaving it open for debate.

Other stories

Other stories written by Rarity Belle in order of publication:

  • The Discord Chronicles (the first work of her, written together with Gearbox)
  • The two faces of Love (written together with Gearbox)
  • The Ship of Curses (written together with Gearbox)
  • CupCakes 2 (first self made story of her)
  • The Curse of Steam (first original self made story of her)
  • The Art of Magic
  • A NightMare in Ponyville
  • Dreams of Cruelty
  • CupCakes 3
  • The Storm Factory
  • Changes of a Unicorn (formerly known as: The Change of a Mare)
  • Daring Do and the Sun Piece
  • Project Hope. (collaboration with another fan, released on 04-26-2013 as 'canceled')[4]
  • The Funeral everypony should go to...
  • Dr. Atmosphere's memoir
  • The hat of a Cowgirl
  • On Nightmares and Moons
  • A wish of two mares
  • A Scratch of Rarity
  • Celestial Tortures Book I: Monster
  • Am I a mare, or a monster?
  • Chocolate icing? Timeline Splicing!
  • The Chance of a lifetime (set as cancalled)
  • My Little Luna (set as cancalled)
  • Rare-opus (set as cancalled)
  • A new breed of evil
  • The Art of Magic II: Secrecy of the Facility
  • Femme of the theater
  • They came in peace (nsfw)
  • Looking back
  • Teacher's desires (nsfw)
  • Celestial Tortures Book II: Nightmares
  • Blood Curse Boutique
  • How to break the ice
  • Doctor Whooves: The Angels of Canterlot
  • Marshmallowed Cottoncandy (nsfw)
  • Celestial Tortures Book III: Changes


Having created an account with the intention of role playing purposes on youtube on April 11th of 2012, Rarity Belle was still rather rough in the manner of handling everything. With a timespan of almost 9 months spend on the place, she eventually left it to move over to a much more role play oriented website, called Ponysquare. It was unsure of when she truly joined the 1.0 website, but she had been on the improved 2.0 site from the first hour. Meaning she has been there since October 25th of 2012. 

Ever since she had joined Ponysquare, her activity on youtube as a roleplayer has become less and less up to the point it wasn't done anymore. All of her roleplay activities have been moved over to the website where she protrays two characters of the series. Those being a rather canon looking Rarity (named Rarity Belle ) but she is a vampony (vampire pony) who just wants to make a living as she always had done. The second one being a much more interesting take on the whole concept of Rarity's nightmare persona, Nightmare Rarity. The second account was created on April 30th of 2013 and both accounts are used to the fullest of their abilities.

If one starts to play against either two of the Rarity's, it will be discovered that the progression made in the game is rather slow. Because every single reply that is given out by her, consists out of one, two or even more paragraphs that give an indepth insight on the motions, emotions, thoughts and words spoken. The 'narrative' style of roleplaying is a style practiced by the more advanced players and she is up there for the content she can push out.

Where the more regular and show like Rarity tries to hide that she is a vampony and still working in the Carousel Boutique, adventures that take an interesting turn are not all that uncommon. But the character that truly got defined by her, has to Nightmare Rarity's persona.

For Rarity Belle's, Nightmare Rarity , takes a drasticly different approach on that what the comics had explained about the entity. As a character, she is portrayed as a villain that works on the very elements of fear. Something that came into existence because of the fear that her friends would leave her. In the comic it is said and shown that the spirit of Nightmare Moon had taken the body of Rarity over. Her persona however, didn't do that. Instead it is still the Rarity that was known and loved. There are multiple blogs on the characters page that explain the concept of her magic, the forces and domain , other spells and abilties that have been given to her and something about the 'elite' nightmare forced. As with Belle, Nightmare also takes thing rather slow and that truly puts the essence of the character in a bright spotlight.

Other works

Next to her role-play on YouTube and Ponysquare, her small amount of reaction video's and her fictions, she also has created two musical numbers. "The Balled of Rarity" and "Rarity's Mind". Take note that both of these songs were created due to her role-play online and are in no way connect to the MLP FiM Rarity. Both songs are sung by a unknown individual.

The Balled of Rarity is a song sung in the same manner as Hoist the color from Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End for the most part accompanied with This Day Aria and is mostly about Rarity asking questions about her existence, pointing out how she feels and try to become the mare she once was. The video has only the vocals, no music or anything else.

Rarity's Mind is a re-imagining of Rainbow Factory made by Glaze. The only thing that has chanced are the lyrics to match Raritybell's personality given her fictions. The message is of the song is still the same, that for those who look deeper then her pretty face, will see a dark and twisted mind and that she writes her fictions to be able to keep being the element of Generosity.

In my heart  is a song made by her after watching a video that made her look back at unexplained things. The song is about a reflection of things gone and forgotten by others, but always stayed within the heart of Rarity Belle.


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