Rainbow Flyer
Rainbowflyer by mihasik
The game's logo
Creator(s) Mihasik
Date published August 20, 2011
Type of game Adobe Flash
Based on My Little Cannon

Rainbow Flyer is a 2-D survival game by Mihasik. It is an endless cycle in which the player controls Rainbow Dash, and flies around the screen to try and perform a sonic rainboom. However, if the player crashes into the ground, the game will end and bring you back to the start screen.



Left Arrow: turn

Right Arrow: turn

Up arrow: spin

Sonic rainboom

Rainbow flyer

Rainbow Dash in the game.

In order to perform a sonic rainboom, the player must have Rainbow Dash fly upward untill she is out of sight. Then, she'll come down. Before she crashes, the player will have to tilt her so she won't crash.

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