Other names April-Ann
Known as Voice actress
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PrincessRil is a professional American voice actress and singer. In brony fan works, she often plays Twilight Sparkle and Princess Celestia.

Voice work

Published Title Role Creator Notes
2011-12-30 Epic Equestrian Meal Time! Twilight Sparkle mindlessgonzo
2012-07-06 My Little Portal Princess Luna Christian Cerda
2012-07-11 One Day at Sweet Apple Acres Twilight Sparkle Team Poni
2012-09-08 Turnabout Storm/Part 3 - Twilight Princess Celestia NeoArtimus
2012-09-21 Welcome to Ponyville Act 1 Demo Twilight Sparkle FillyGamez
2012-11-22 Celestia vs. Luna Princess Celestia Brony James Dio
2012-12-06 On a Cross and Arrow Twilight Sparkle Indubitably Ponified
2013-09-03 Sethisto visits the FG Office Twilight Sparkle FillyGamez
2014-01-25 Past Sins Twilight Sparkle Indubitably Ponified
2014-01-25 Arrow 18 Twilight Sparkle Indubitably Ponified  featuring Kovabomb
2014-02-03 Total Chaos - Episode One (Total Chaos) Twilight Sparkle M CC
2014-04-09 My Little Investigations Twilight Sparkle, Jenny Juniper Equestrian Dreamers
2014-05-13 Audio Book - Crisis Equestria  Twilight Sparkle, Princess Celestia, Harmonia, Shroud Bogyle Bronies
2014-09-26 Truth Be Told - MLP Fanfic Reading Twilight Sparkle TheLostNarrator


Published Title Genre Notes
2013-02-10 Bass Rocket Dubstep Collaboration with
Silva Hound and Omnipony
2013-04-14 The Pony Island - Twilight's Rap Parody Parody of The Lonely Island's "Natalie's Rap"
2013-08-06 BronyCon 2013 Equestria Girls Performance Cover Performance with Termania of Chimbex Creations
2014-02-13 Let Her Go - A Pony Parody Parody Parody of Disney's Let it Go
2014-12-14 "Do They Know It's Christmas?" - MASSIVE BRONY COLLAB! Cover Collaboration with
MandoPony and other bronies
2015-02-04 Bon Bon's Lament - Re - uploaded Collaboration with Quiet Water Music

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