Ponies That Yawn is another compilation album project that is intended to be a parody of Ponies at Dawn (like how Pinkamena Party parodies Balloon Party). The entire project's intent in general was creating funny soundclown tracks as well as original tunes while they are not as intense as Pinkamena Party. The project was created and ran by R3ctifier in October 2016 and co-ran by InklingBear.


A E S T H E T I C _ S P O O K

Aesthetic_Spook was Ponies That Yawn's first official compilation album and it is a free release on their bandcamp page. Celebrating the halloween theme of the album, It features an array of 13 tracks from Trance to Hardcore.


Heartfelt Hooves is their second compilation album and it is also a free release on their bandcamp. It is a valentines themed album with only nine tracks.


Winter Wrappers is their third official compilation album and it's a free release on their bandcamp as well. Celebrating the arrival of Spring, and leaving behind Winter, It has a total of 14 tracks from Trap, Hardcore, Dubstep to even some Chillout.

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