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Poni1Kenobi is an American brony musician who has been active since August 2011. He is notable for his style of music, which draws influence from alternative rock bands such as The All-American Rejects, Blink-182, and Relient K, and for his album, It's All Fanfic to Me, which features multiple songs based off of popular fanfictions.

In August 2011, Poni1Kenobi founded the The BeatleBronies. His first notoriety was received here when Little Octavia was ranked #8 on Celestia Radio's top 50 songs of 2011 [1]

Little Octavia

Little Octavia
Creator(s) Poni1Kenobi
Composition Poni1Kenobi and DreamHuk
Lyrics Poni1Kenobi
Vocals Poni1Kenobi and DreamHuk
Duration 2:07
Type/genre Baroque Rock

Little Octavia, released on August 8th, 2011, was one of the first works produced by Poni1Kenobi, and received a ranking of #08 on Celestia Radio's hits of 2011. The song itself is a parody of Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles.

The Party Hasn't Ended

The Party Hasn't Ended
Creator(s) Poni1Kenobi
Composition Poni1Kenobi and Forest Rain
Lyrics Poni1Kenobi and Salacommander
Vocals Poni1Kenobi
Duration 5:39
Type/genre Alternative Rock
Released in May 2012 as part of It's All Fanfic to Me. Based on The Party Hasn't Ended by butterscotchsundae. Sung from Pinkie Pie's point of view until the bridge, when it switches to Rainbow Dash's before switching back to Pinkie Pie. The song features Pinkie Pie expressing her sorrow over her inability to tell Rainbow Dash that she loves her.

Button's Mom (feat. HardCopy and ShadyVox)

Button's Mom (feat. HardCopy and ShadyVox)
Creator(s) Poni1Kenobi
Composition Poni1Kenobi
Lyrics HardCopy
Vocals Poni1Kenobi and ShadyVox
Duration 3:17
Type/genre Alternative Rock
Released in August 2013. The song is a parody of "Stacy's Mom" by Fountains of Wayne. Sung from the point of view of an unnamed friend of Button Mash who has a crush on Button Mash's mother, a fanmade character who first appeared in the video "Button's Adventures - Episode Pilot" by JanAnimations.

Selection of other songs

2012-05-05 The End of Ponies 7:40 Alternative Rock Part of It's All Fanfic to Me. Based on The End of Ponies by shortskirtsandexplosions.
2012-08-31 Melody On My Heartstrings 5:04 Alternative Rock Part of It's All Fanfic to Me
2013-01-24 Weepy Cry 5:46 Alternative Rock Part of tumblErP. Based on the Ask Weepy Cry tumblr.
2013-03-22 Lovestruck Derpy 3:21 Alternative Rock Part of tumblrErP. Based on the Ask Doctor Obsessed Derpy tumblr.


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