Party in the Clouds was a compilation album to support the preparation of Cloudsdale Congress (CloudCon), a convention in Washington DC. They gathered interest and track submissions through the convention's website and their deciated tumblr.

Track listing

Party in the Clouds
A4069441974 10
Compilation album
Released January 28, 2013
Length 77:01
Website Bandcamp
No. Title Artist(s) Length
1. "Voices from the Clouds" Phony Brony 4:07
2. "Return (Echelon Remix)" Omnipony 4:37
3. "Pixephobia" DJ McGRANAMAN 3:56
4. "Epic Rick Satan" ElectroKaplosion 3:46
5. "Twilight is My Gun" Sgt-Whip 4:24
6. "Babs Seed (EHT Remix)" Daniel Ingram 4:30
7. "The Malevolent Nightmare Moon" MRPPony 6:14
8. "Weather Machine" Coconeru 2:22
9. "Lead Pony" Silva Hound 6:15
10. "Inspiration (feat. Forest Rain)" Starborne 4:29
11. "Army of the Night" M_Pallante 3:27
12. "Leap of Faith (feat. Nikki-Layne)" IdLike2BeATree 1:45
13. "Cloudsdale Nightlife" Cyril the Wolf 4:58
14. "Trixie's Cloud Show" SleepingCobrox 5:18
15. "Pony Swag (FIReNVY Remix)" Swagberg 3:44
16. "My Little Changeling (F3nning Metal Cover)" Omnipony 4:14
17. "Nightmare Nightclub" Additive Subtractive 4:36
18. "Moonrise Over Equestria" DJ Hollowpoint 3:59
19. "The Hardest Thing (feat. Feather)" Joaftheloaf 4:20
Total length: 77:01

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