Blue parasprite
A blue parasprite
Kind Creature
Sex Unknown

Parasprites are small, orb-shaped, winged insect-like creatures appearing only in Swarm of the Century. Parasprites can mulitiply very quickly as seen in Swarm of the Century. As of Magic Duel, Twilight Sparkle uses her magic to summon the Parasprites. The species is shown to be multi-colored. They have been shown to have a massive appetite for food items, though when Twilight cast a spell on them, they focused on non-food items instead.

They also play a key role in Pinkie Pie's instrumental song the "Parasprite Polka".

In the fandom

They have been used to describe internet trolls, most notably thread and forum invaders. The terminology is used in such instances as substituting the phrase "Don't feed the trolls" with "Don't feed the parasprites".

Role/appearances in fan works




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