Other names Emily Koch
Known as Voice actress
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Emily Koch also known as PKEmi is an American voice actress. Within the brony community, she became known for playing the role of Rainbow Dash in works by Silly Filly Studios as well as Woona in the MOONSTUCK Dub series and has since participated in other fan projects.

Voice work

Published Title Voice Creator Notes
MOONSTUCK Dub Woona Tai824
2012-10-26 Carnival Cat vs. Ponyville Carnival Cat/Applejack/Rainbow Dash Sand Josieph Singing
2013-02-15 Just Can't Wait to Have Wings Rainbow Dash Emichwan88 Singing
2013-03-21 Snowdrop Cirrus Silly Filly Studios
2013-03-30 Double Rainboom Rainbow Dash Zachary Rich
2014-09-23 Hooded Quickies: What Would You Do? Rainbow Dash GamerSpax
2015 Journey of the Spark Rainbow Dash Violet Ridenour
2016-07-31 Hooded Quickies: The Support a Girl Needs Rainbow Dash GamerSpax

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