Origin Story: Fluttershy
Origin Story Fluttershy Cover by Dreatos
Writer/artist Dreatos
Date published July 31 - August 4, 2011
Pages 03
Featuring Fluttershy
Origin Story: Fluttershy is a fanmade comic series drawn by Dreatos. This short three-part comic is centered around Fluttershy. She comes across an incident involving an animal in a nearby forest. There, she meets Angel for the first time, and discovers her unique stare ability.


Origin Story Fluttershy Pic1 by Dreatos

Fluttershy discovering the rabbit

The comic starts with Fluttershy in a field, singing to herself, whilst nearby animals enjoy the lovely melody. During her song, Fluttershy hears an unusual sound coming from the nearby forest. Frightened but curious, Fluttershy adventures into the forest to figure out the origin of the unusual sound. Eventually Fluttershy reaches the centre of the forest where she discovers a clearing, in the middle of which there is a huge hole next to a large white rabbit. On closer examination, Fluttershy discovers that the rabbit had been badly injured and died, making Fluttershy very disconcert. As she mourns over the dead rabbit, a diamond dog emerges from the shadows
Origin Story Fluttershy Pic2 by Dreatos
surrounding the clearing. He reveals he was the one who killed the rabbit, for dinner, and that he might just do the same thing to her. As Fluttershy cowers in front of the diamond dog, she discovers that underneath the corpse of the large white rabbit is a small unharmed baby rabbit in hiding. The diamond dog overhears the baby rabbit, and decides to come over and kill it for an appetizer. Fluttershy begins to panic as she tries to figure out how to save the rabbit, despite being terrified of the diamond dog. Suddenly, before the diamond dog can reach the baby rabbit, Fluttershy aggressively shouts at the diamond dog. She then maneuvers in front of him, stares deeply into his eyes, and warns him not to go near the baby rabbit. The diamond dog becomes scared of Fluttershy’s stare, and digs a hole in the ground to run away.

Moments later, as Fluttershy stands around wondering about her powerful stare, the baby rabbit hugs her hoof in relief. Fluttershy then talks to the baby rabbit, and thanks him, as she may not have been able to do what she had done if he hadn’t shows himself. She is unsure who really saved who. Afterwards, Fluttershy picks up the baby rabbit, deciding to adopt him. The comic ends with Fluttershy naming the baby rabbit, "Angel".

Derivative works

YouTube user ZombieZephyr has created a motion comic which combines Dreatos' artwork, two pre-existing fan songs, and original voice work laid over the images.

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