Of Kings and Changelings
Of Kings and Changelings Cover by Gray--Day
Writer Lionel23
Artist/editor Gray--Day
Date published August 26, 2014
Pages 8 (as of May, 2015)
Type/genre Alternate universe
Featuring Queen Chrysalis
Derpy Hooves
Sunset Shimmer
Maud Pie
Of Kings and Changelings is a fanmade comic written by Lionel23 and drawn by Gray--Day. It is set immediately after the Reflections story arc of IDW Publishing's My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic series and follows the alternate universe counterpart of Queen Chrysalis and her own Elements of Harmony.


Having completed her duties in faraway Equestrian lands, Duchess Chrysalis returns to Canterlot to share with her friends and allies in this new era of peace. However, upon her arrival, she sees not the good and kind King Sombra occupying the throne but the evil-turned-good Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. The royal sisters inform Duchess of the tragic fate that has befallen Sombra: in the ultimate act of self-sacrifice to save Equestria from destruction, he became evil. Celestia and Luna fear that Sombra is forever lost to them, but Duchess refuses to believe that and flies off to seek help in Ponyville.

Duchess arrives in Ponyville and finds reconstruction efforts being led by the wise Derpy Hooves. After Duchess catches Derpy up to speed, Derpy says she has a plan that will require "the key players". At Derpy's instruction, Duchess sets off to assemble these key players to her plan: the element of humility Princess Trixie, the element of temperance Gilda, the element of altruism Sunset Shimmer, and the element of good cheer Maud Pie.

Later, at Derpy's home, the six discuss their plan to lure Sombra into the open. Derpy explains that the six of them will not be enough to overcome him, so they lure out the alternate Princess Cadance as well. On the outskirts of the Everfree Forest, Cadance confronts Sombra.


Main Six of the Mirror World by Pony-Berserker
  • Duchess Chrysalis: The main character of the story and the element of love. She is much more emotionally driven than her evil counterpart and always acts from the heart.
  • Derpy Hooves: The element of wisdom. A bookish Pegasus pony who prides knowledge above all else.
  • Princess Trixie: The element of humility. A princess of alternate Equestria who shares a close history with Duchess similar to that of Twilight Sparkle and Princess Cadance.
  • Gilda: The element of temperance.
  • Sunset Shimmer: The element of altruism.
  • Maud Pie: The element of good cheer. A wild and outgoing Earth pony who loves rock music.


  • Alternate Applejack works as a Canterlot gardener on page 1.
  • Alternate Rarity works in construction on page 2.

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