Octavia Vs. Discord
Creator(s) Br0nyBr4wl
Date added November 11, 2011
Duration 3:36
Status Complete
Type/genre PMV
Based on The Devil Went Down to Georgia
Octavia Vs. Discord[note 1] is a music video that combines the Charlie Daniels Band song The Devil Went Down to Georgia with clips from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and, notably, still images featuring Octavia and Discord. Br0nyBr4wl (JakeStarling on deviantArt) edited the video and drew the original pictures.

Original storyline

In the song, young musician Johnny is challenged by the Devil to a fiddling contest: if Johnny loses, his soul becomes forfeit, but if he wins, he is to receive a golden fiddle. Despite the Devil's best efforts, Johnny turns out to be a better player. The lyrics are unchanged in the video, but they are re-contextualized by the visual accompaniment.

Pony version

The still images cast Octavia in the role of Johnny, while the Devil is represented by Discord. The images are simple black-and-white sketches occasionally accented with color; for instance, the golden string instrument offered up by Discord is colored in yellow, while Discord himself remains black-and-white. The instrumental solo "performed" by Discord is accompanied by clips from the show featuring the main characters in an angry, sad or paranoid state of mind (mostly from The Return of Harmony Part 2), whereas Octavia's solo is visually underscored with clips in which the ponies experience joy and harmony (such as the end of the Giggle at the Ghostie musical number).


  1. For brevity's sake, the article takes its name from the gallery on JakeStarling's deviantArt page. The video itself is titled "The Devil Went Down to Georgia - PMV" on YouTube, and the song is preceded by title cards naming the video "Octavia And Discord In The Devil Went Down To Georgia (A PMV)".

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