Number 12 (Part 1)
Creator(s) SqueakAnon
Date added Feb. 19, 2012
Duration 31:56
Status Complete
Type/genre Action, Drama, Sci-Fi
Part of Doctor Whooves Adventures
Based on Number 12


Number 12 (Part 2)

 Number 12 is the first episode in the Doctor Whooves Adventures audio drama series created by SqueakAnon and produced by Pony in a Box Productions. Based on the fanfic by the same name (also written by SqueakAnon), the episode, which is divided into two parts, details the Doctor arrival in Equestria in his twelfth incarnation, meeting up with Twilight Sparkle and her friends to stand against the Weeping Angels, which have also come to Equestria.


Part 1

The episode begins with Twilight Sparkle out shopping in Ponyville when a object falls out of the sky and crashes into her library home. Rushing to the scene, Twilight finds her home trashed, but Spike safe and sound, having slept through the whole thing. Exploring the rubble, the two find the object in the East Wing, with it turning out to be a large blue box with the words "Police Public Call Box" written on the top. Without warning, the box opens up and a stallion emerges, beginning to ramble to himself about his own body and his surroundings. He introduces himself as "the Doctor" when Twilight begins to question him, only to unexpectedly collapse.

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