Nowacking OC
Nowacking's OC by WynterCreations
Other names Jessica Nowack
Jessi Nowack
Known as Voice actress
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Nowacking is an American voice actress who has had roles in numerous fan works, often providing the voice of Vinyl Scratch. Nowacking is also a parody writer and has written skits for Alligator in the Tub Productions. She occasionally appears on Bronies React. Outside brony fan labor, she is well known for writing, directing, and acting in various abridged series, and providing the voice of Izumi in Queen's Blade Rebellion.

Voice work

Published Title Voice Creator Notes
2012-01-07 Epic Pie Time Vinyl Scratch 47times
2012-4-13 Turnabout Storm Gilda NeoArtimus
2012-04-22 Epic Wub Time: Musicians of Ponyville Vinyl Scratch 47times
2012-07-31 Pony Rock Anthem (Real LMFAO Mix) Vinyl Scratch Shade Ponisinger
2013-03-18 Vinyl and Neon Vinyl Scratch The Living Tombstone
2013-03-26 I Am Octavia Vinyl Scratch EileMonty
2013-07-04 Octavia vs. DJPon3 Vinyl Scratch Brony James Dio
2013-09-01 Epic Rage Time: The Incredible Derp Vinyl Scratch
47times Also co-writer
2013-12-07 PONIES: The Anthology III Vinyl Scratch ("On The Battlefield") JHaller

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