Cover from NotACleverPony's popular EP
Active since April 2011
Known as Musician
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NotACleverPony is a composer of electronic music for the fandom. She was one of the first musicans in the fandom, and one of the first to compose original music as opposed to just remixes of songs from the show. Additionally she played an important part in driving the early music scene by helping set up My Little Remix with Makkon where her background in music production gave her an advantage. She disappeared from the community due to health reasons, later revealed to be related to her change from male to female. She officially left after releasing a final EP called Princess Celestia Is Best Pony as a swan song, but she temporarily returned for a final perforamance. 

List of compositions

Published Title Length Genre Notes
2011-04-15 Princess Luna's Lullaby 0:56 Darkwave Part of Princess Luna: As Imagined:EP
2011-04-20 Winter Wrap-Up (at the Everfree Forest) 2:18
2011-04-29 Hydra Pulse 2:53
2011-05-04 The Stars Will Aid Her Escape 3:15 Darkwave Part of Princess Luna: As Imagined:EP, based on the lullaby
2011-05-07 Main Theme (Farewell Party Remix) 2:26
2011-05-10 Sonic Rainboom (Just An Old Mare's Tale) 3:11
2011-05-15 The Art Of Celestia's Dress Based on Art of the Dress
2011-05-21 Lower The Moon 3:08 Darkwave Part of Princess Luna: As Imagined:EP
2011-06-10 Giggle (With) The Ghosties 3:18 Remix of PinkiePieSwear
2011-07-02 All-Powerful Trixie 2:26
2011-07-30 Eurobeat Telegram 3:10 Eurobeat Remix of Eurobeat Brony

For The New Lunar Republic

For The New Lunar Republic
Creator(s) NotACleverPony
Duration 3:36
Type/genre Orchestral Darkwave
Part of Princess Luna: As Imagined EP

For The New Lunar Republic is NotACleverPony's most famous song and might be the the first hit song from the fandom. While it did not create the New Lunar Republic vs Solar Empire meme it is what popularized it. The song was the first widely remixed song were it was often remixed in early Remix Wars. 

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