NightFalls Studios is a small team of animators, artists, actors, and editors that produces animations and audio dramas. The group has produced nine significant works as of December 25, 2016. Animations are published to the main channel, while audio dramas are published under their subset, NightFalls Radio.


  • OblivionFall - Animator, Director, Audio Editor, Founder, Writer
  • Emogak - Voice Actress, Director, Audio Editor, Founder
  • Sean Webby - Animator

Animations / Motion Comics

Video Title Date Length Notes
NightFalls Studio Update 2014-06-17 2:07 A message from the directors
Liar Lyre 2014-06-24 0:29 Animated version of a comic by Dori-To
Eat It Up 2014-07-29 0:32 Animated version of a comic by Karzahnii
Doctor Sombrero 2014-09-16 0:47 Inspired by a fanfic by BlueShift
A Colt Classic 2015-07-11 1:58 A dark comedy animation
The End of Equestria 2016-07-15 1:37 A meta-humor motion comic
Changeling Job Interview 2016-09-27 1:12 An comedic motion comic
Derpy's Gift 2016-12-25 1:50 A dark comedy motion comic
Untitled TBD 0:00 Currently in production

Audio Dramas

Series Title Date Length Notes
Anthropology: The Audio Drama 2013-10-05


10:09:05 Based on the story by JasonTheHuman
Untitled TBD 00:00:00 On Hold

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