Navy Brony
Navy Brony OC
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Other names Navron
Active since August 2011
Known as Musician
Video Editor
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Navy Brony is the pseudonym of an American brony musician and video editor most notably known for creating "ponies in real life," or PIRL videos, in which characters from the show are superimposed onto live footage to make it appear as if they were shot from a hand held camera. He is also an electronic musician and producer, as well as an aspiring 3D animator.

The name Navy Brony alludes to his service as an active duty rescue swimmer for the United States Navy.[1] He sometimes wears a Rainbow Dash patch while flying. He became a fan of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic in July 2011,[2] although he didn't start contributing to the community under the name of Navy Brony until August 2011, when he released a parody and the first PIRL video.

His first song released was titled, "Tribute to Flutterwry," in October 2011, but his reputation as a composer didn't really start until January 2012, with the release of, "The Equestral Plane," a dark and ethereal tale about a man trapped in a nightmarish Equestria.

Since then he has continued to make original compositions and remixes from show songs, including contributions to both the Smile! and Seeds of Kindness charity albums.

Genre and style

Navy Brony's music can be categorized as a hybrid of psybient and industrial, due to the use of ambient soundscapes and heavy bass grooves together, but he has also been known to use orchestral elements such as strings and tribal percussion in works such as, "A Memoir of Silence," and, "Mortem ad Terra." His songs are mostly instrumental, with the exception of, "Remain," which was his first song to feature vocals, as well as "Hail To The Queen" and his remix of the show song "Bats!".

The Equestral Plane

The Equestral Plane
Creator(s) Navy Brony
Published January 17, 2012
Duration 5:33
The Equestral Plane follows the fictional story of a man who attempts to live his dream of visiting Equestria via Astral Projection, however he quickly discovers himself in a nightmarish world where he is unwanted. The song follows his journey to the world, the discovery that it isn't what he imagined, and his struggles to return to his own world, only to be dragged back into the nightmare.


Creator(s) Navy Brony
Published May 15, 2012
Duration 4:15

Remain is the first track to feature vocals sung by Navy Brony himself, utilizing the use of a vocoder in order to achieve a heavily synthesized voice.

The song is directed towards the fandom, and specifically addresses certain issues. The overall message behind the song hopes to make people realize that a lot of the issues people see, are not really issues at all, but the overly dramatized reactions make it an issue.


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