My Son is a Changeling

Writer(s) Draconian Soul
Date published April 28th, 2013
Words 13,303
Status Incomplete
Type/genre Romance, Comedy, Slice of Life
Featuring Shining Armor, Queen Chrysalis, Changeling (Kilo) Princess Cadance, Twilight Sparkle
Story link(s)
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My Son is Changeling is a story written by Draconian Soul, based on a piece of artwork by Bakki of deviantART.


The story is told from the POV of Shining Armor.


Who would have thought a pony and a changeling could have children together. I certainly wouldn't have. This is Shining Armor, and I'm in a weird situation. Chrysalis has shown up to my home and dropped a kid off stating that it was our son.

What will Cadance think? How am I going to raise a changeling child? Why does Chrysalis keep coming into my life, and why am I finding it harder to keep her away? Hopefully answers can be found with as little problems as possible. Oh who the Tartarus am I kidding, my seed is a changeling! There's bound to be a problem along the way.

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