My Little Remix (or MLR for short) is the forum and home to thousands of brony musicans (over 2500 members) and opened in the end of June 2011. It is a forum and resource that welcomes new and old brony musicians to remix, review, and collaborate with each other. It is the key forum for plenty of discussions by brony musicians, tools and techniques for improving your musical skills, and a place to post your music for positive critique.  It is the site of origin for many musical projects and events within the fandom, such as the Remix WarsBalloon PartySeeds of Kindness, and plenty of others.

On May 7th, 2013, Makkon handed over the chief administrative position to Circuitfry, who then announced plans to overhaul the site in an attempt to breathe new life into the community. His plans include:

  • MLR will be getting an official tumblr account, for instance. Those who subscribe to it will be able to stay connected to the community while using this rather addictive and entertaining website itself. I aim to find ways of incorporating the things that we enjoy into the community.
  • Doing away with MLR’s clogged-up, distracting skype group… and replacing it with an inhouse radio (and hopefully also video, someday maybe even a sychtube-style) chatroom, most likely working with sci’s IRC channel, for now. We will hopefully be able to watch ponies together and enjoy new Remix Wars like it used to be done.
  • MLR will get a visual overhaul. The forums themselves will be restructured, as well. We will be working with more brony internet services to make the site a better experience.
  • More moderators will be employed so the site can regain and maintain its friendly, clean, and production-centric image.

Many of these changes occurred on August 9th when Circuitfry returned. The discography sections was closed down and now links to the Brony Musician Directory. Music hosting now directly links to EQbeats and Pony.Fm. 3 new moderators were named.  The music production subforum was created with several additional subforums while old threads were moved from the locked technique and sharing is magic sessions.

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