Workshop/Pony Wings
Pony Wings screenshot
A screenshot of gameplay
Creator(s) Nutcasenightmare
Platform/engine HTML5
Featuring Scootaloo
Based on Tiny Wings

Pony Wings is an open-source HTML5 game by Nutcasenightmare, featuring Scootaloo. It is inspired by Tiny Wings and is a runner/score-attack style game in which the player guides Scootaloo as she roller blades through the hills of Equestria. The goal is to go as far as possible before night falls, a time which can be counted by looking at the meter on the left or just the color of the sky. The tools at the player's disposal to go the distance include the ability to speed up, launch Scootaloo into the air by using a hill as a ramp, and collect different-colored parasprites for a speed boost.

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