Workshop/Chaos in Equestria
It was almost a good idea... coverart

Cover art for Book One on FIMFiction

Writer(s) Supahsnail
Date published March 22 - April 10, 2012
Words 6,359 (book 1)
Status Unfinished
Type/genre Comedy
Featuring Gilda
The Flim Flam brothers
Chaos in Equestria is a work-in-progress fanfic series. When finished, the series will have four books.[citation needed] Although the series is about Discord, he makes no appearance until book 2: Tabula Rasa. The series is written by Supahsnail on FIMFiction.


The story is told from the 3rd person perspective.


Book One: It was almost a good idea...

The Story begins when The Flim Flam Brothers reveal a new flying machine to Gilda. However they cannot power the machine themselves. Gilda recomends that they hire The Great And Powerful Trixie who is in Trottingham for a magic Show.

Trixie is unable to power the machine so instead she develops a plan to pony-nap the only unicorn that can: Twilight Sparkle. They travel to Ponyville and trick Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash into becoming thier hostages. Angel helps them escape as part of Twilight's plan to rescue them, but Angel himself is captured and Twilight is forced to help save him.

Trixie's plan doesn't work out in the end. The plane is crashed into Canterlot by Gilda. After this, Princess Celestia informs them that Trixie's foolish plan created so much fear, hatred, and disharmony that Discord was freed from his stone prison once more.

Book Two: Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa is "unfinished" with only four published chapters so far. In the first chapter, Discord makes his first appearance in the series. For an unknown reason, he is unable to use magic. Determined to rule Equestria once more, he vows to destroy The Elements of Harmony, which he believes to be the reason for his weakened state. He later befriends (or, more accuratelly, tricks) the Diamond Dogs into aiding him in an invasion of Canterlot.

Celestia informs Twilight that Discord is not at full strength. A meeting is held amongst several, High ranking Royal Guards. During the meeting, one of the captains, Captain Trench, insists that Discord doesn't even exist. A Unicorn named Ray interrupts there meeting with a prepared plan to trap Discord. Ray's rank and authority are unknown, but he is trusted by the Princess herself.

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