The Forgotten Realm
Writer/artist Okapi Comics
Date published July 18, 2012 -
Pages 16+
My Little Pony: The Forgotten Realm is an ongoing comic made by an uncredited team of three people. The first 16-page issue was uploaded on July 18, 2012.


The comic begins with three ponies (Twilight, Luna, and Celestia) sharing an unnerving dream in which Celestia punishes Twilight for an unknown crime, sentencing her to permanent exile in the "forgotten realm". Luna doesn't take it very seriously, but her sister does; it reminds Celestia of something a teacher of hers said a very long time ago. A guardsman is sent to Ponyville to find a potion maker, while Celestia tries to find out who else might have shared the dream.

Twilight, in turn, combs through the Ponyville library, trying to find out what the dream might mean. When nothing turns up, Spike suggests that she try the royal library in Canterlot. Twilight takes the advice. When asked about the forgotten realm by Twilight, the librarian refuses to give a straight answer, instead sending Twilight down a cellar into the historical archives, with a warning that "some things stay hidden for a reason". That sentiment is echoed by Luna, whom Twilight also encounters in the archives; the Princess seems upset at Twilight's intrusion.

Meanwhile, the guardsman who should have brought Zecora to Canterlot has instead accidentally been sent on a wild goose chase by Pinkie Pie. He collapses while traveling through a desert, and wakes up in a bed with a mysterious figure standing over him. The cloaked and masked pony proves hospitable at first, having tended to the Pegasus while he was passed out. But the pony grows angry as soon as the guard mentions Celestia, who apparently banished the pony and her brother to the desert thousands of years ago. She tortures the guard until he tells her where Canterlot is.

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