My Little Pony: Chaos in Equestria is a fanfiction written by Snake Staff and published at


What if the warping influence of Chaos made its way to the world of Equestria? Well this alternate nightmare occurs as Equestria experience A FULL BLOWN WARHAMMER 40K CIVIL WAR!!! Although the Ponies are only facing just their corrupted counterparts (Unless the author introduces the endless armies of Chaos!) heads are being chopped, and cities are being BURNT! Expect pure and unhindered savagery as pony fight

Order of Battle (Data on the Armies)

Killed in Acton:

Granny Smith-Instantly killed by a knife through the gut

Big Machintosh-Overwhelm by the followers of Khrone

Mayor- COD unknown

Missing in Action:

Rarity-Went missing during the Chaos assault on Ponyville

Fluttershy-Same with Rarity

Pinkie Pie-Kidnapped by the Mysterious blue earth pony sorcerer


Mysterious blue earth pony sorcerer- (Chaos Undivided) The highest ranking commander of the Chaos Ponies. Despite being an earth pony this blue pony is able to master the powers of chaos.

Unicorn Berserker Champion- (Follower of Khorne) Leads the Khornite followers of chaos. Wields a Chaos Axe.

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