My Little Creeper is a grimdark-themed album organized by TheCreepyPie and the musicians on mylittleremix.  It was initially free but any proceeds were stated to go to amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research.

Track listing

My Little Creeper
A2716557337 10
Compilation album
Released October 29, 2012
Length 58:19
Website Bandcamp
No. Title Artist(s) Length
1. "The Harvest" DJ En3au 4:41
2. "Researcher" DJ En3au 4:13
3. "Ghosts Of Ponyvillie" Counterwise 4:49
4. "Everfree" Breadfan 4:04
5. "Pinkamena's Baby" Aoshi 4:42
6. "aiSeNMa (Creepy Pie Remix)" Creepy Pie & Circus-P 4:24
7. "Hivemind" K3WRO 5:00
8. "Changeling Boogie (feat Sorrowseed)" Pandora's Toybox 4:05
9. "Rule 43 (feat LiamW)" Syztem 2:57
10. "Silly Pony" FLAOFEI 3:29
11. "Servants of Chaos" ThatRobChap 6:21
12. "When the Blanks Arrived (feat Rhyme Flow)" VINXIS & Neon Jalapeno 4:17
13. "November Vengance (Evdog Cover)" Evdog 4:26
14. "Fall of Gloomy Town (feat C∆m§¥)" Cii 2:51
Total length: 58:19

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