My Little Cannon
My Little Cannon Cover by Mihasik
Game Logo
Creator(s) Mihasik
Date published December 15, 2011
Type of game Flash

My Little Cannon is a fan based game made by Mihasik. The game itself is a flying shooter where the player controls Rainbow Dash equiped with a cupcake canon to battle against a endless swarm of Paraspirtes. The game wil end when either the timer runs out or the player crashes into the ground at the bottom the screen.



Left Arrow - change direction

Right Arrow - change direction

Up Arrow - turn over

Ctrl - shoot

Main Menu

My Little Cannon Menu by Mihasik

The main screen as shown above acts as the character selection screen where you can choose up to five different ponies, each having a unique style. When you load the game for the first time you can only choose Rainbow Dash. Later, if you accomplish certain tasks during gameplay, you can unlock the other ponies. The list of all unlockable ponies are as follows:

  • Fluttershy - Do not attack/contact any Paraspirtes for 30secs
  • Derpy Hooves - Hit 10 parasprites in one Sonic Rainboom
  • Spitfire - Hit 10 parasprites with at least 80% accuracy
  • Soarin - Defeat 100 paraspirtes

Gameplay Style

Rainbow Dash

Rainbow Dash is the standard pony who has a foward shooting cupcake cannon which will take out one parasprite on contact, she is also equipted with a Sonic Rainboom attack which when activated will hit all the parasprites near the blast radius and Rainbow Dash can come into contact with the parasprites with no penalties.

Derpy Hooves

Derpy Hooves uses the same gun as rainbow dash, however the gun is placed backwards meaning Derpy can only attack the parasprites behind her.


Spitfire has a more powerful version of Rainbow Dash's gun, and is able to shoot multiple paraspirtes at once. The drawback is that there is a short delay after each fire is shot.


Soarin is equiped with a minigun version of the cupcake cannon which allows him to fire a series of cupcakes at the parasprites much faster than the other ponies, however due to the gun having a longer starting time, the time you have as Soarin has been doubled to 60secs


Unlike the other ponies, Fluttershy isn't equiped with a gun meaning her goal is to avoid the parasprites as long as possible, to help her with this, the Sonic Rainboom meter has been replaced with a unique Stare bar which fills up much faster than the Sonic Rainboom bar. When the bar is full, Fluttershy can activate it via the ctrl key. This will repel any parasprites nearby, however, this lasts only for a short time.

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