Known as Musician

Calvin Cass, known by the aliases Mutagen and SpyPie, is an American producer based in Portland, Oregon. His work is characterized by its emphasis on detailed soundscapes and intricate percussion lines.



Year Title
2012 "Creation"
"Luna's Lullaby"
"Tower of Change I"
"Cave Dweller"
"The Abandoned Mind"
"Tower of Change II"
"Drop of Water"
"Dream of Stars"
"Welcome to the Outback"
"Rejoice in the Thunder"
"Tower of Change III"
"When They Come Home"
"Ommucius The"
"Tower of Change IV"
"Ice-Kissed Wings"
"Rappyrm Synopsis"
"The Skin I'm In"
"Tylosus 126"
"Ulyhand Cancellieri" (with Colortwelve)
2013 "Child Etwellyum"
"Twilight Dipped Halls"


Year Title Original artist
2012 "Good Time (Mutagen remix)" Owl City

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