MrPoninator by Wreky
MrPoniator's OC by Wrecky
Other names Kilappa
Active since July 2011 - December 13, 2012
Known as Animator
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MrPoniator is a Finnish fan of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic who created Ponymations, a series of short animated films that adapt comics by either artists, cross ponies with video games, or otherwise riff off of the fandom or specific scenes from the show. On December 13, 2012 MrPoniator declared that he will stop creating pony animations as stated on his tumblr post, End of the line. MrPoniator also has skills in programming, something he used to do before making his MrPoniator persona. However, he has not created any pony fan games.

Early works

His work first surfaced when he made a character select screen knock-off titled BlazBrony: Friendship Trigger borrowing images of the characters by other artists and submitted it to ponibooru, replicating the one from a Japanese fighting game BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger. He soon followed this by coding the character select screen to be interactive in Flash, while changing it to resemble BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II's character select screen and renaming the title to "BlazBrony: Friendship Shift II ". After the character select screen flash was featured on Equestria Daily, MrPoniator proceeded to animating the console opening from BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger with the characters swapped with ponies.

fluttermac fanfic 1

fluttermac fanfic 1
Date added July 1, 2012
Duration 0:19
Based on fluttermac fanfic 1
fluttermac fanfic 1 is an animation based off the trollfic of the same name by mikey100, drawn in a much simpler style than MrPoniator's other videos. It is a word for word account of the fic with a narration done by an anon on MLPG. In the story, Fluttershy and Angel are walking through Sweet Apple Acres, when suddenly a bunch of apples start falling from a tree. The apples are hitting Fluttershy and Angel, so Big Macintosh saves them by kicking the tree into the horizon. So as a result Fluttershy falls in love with Big Macintosh, and after finding out that he feels the same way, they kiss and make a big squishy heart in the sunset; causing Angel to puke on a tree.

Galacon promo

Galacon promo
Date added June 9, 2012
Duration 1:59
Related to Galacon
Galacon promo is as the title suggests, a video promoting Galacon MrPoniator made upon request. It was voiced by Gabby, aka: Serenamidori, and was written by Psyguy. It gives a rundown of the events that were to take place during the convention. The video then asks that people donate money so that the convention can actually take place, among other things such as pay for the plane tickets of some of the more famous bronies including MrPoniator. Shortly after the video was released, MrPoniator disabled the comments on YouTube because he was irritated by them. He then proceeded to hide the video on both deviantART and YouTube little while after Galacon was over. This was because he felt his presentation at Galacon, for which he did not prepare for properly, was atrociously bad and as a result he could not stand seeing the video anymore.

Equine Lied

Equine Lied
Date added August 21, 2012
Duration 1:02
Based on Elfen Lied Kanae's Death [English Dubbed]Information icon red
Equine Lied is a direct parody of Kanae's death scene in Elfen Lied. In the video, Kanae is warning Coda that Pinkie Pie is going to kill them. However, Coda tells her that she is insane and orders her to apologize lest he hate her forever. Kanae is then begging Coda not to hate her forever when suddenly she is turned into a pony. Coda screams in shock, causing his dad to investigate only to get turned into a pony himself. A clearly distressed Coda approaches Pinkie Pie and ask how she could do this to him when they are supposed to be friends. Pinkie Pie then tells him "Everypony is my friend, and I love to see my friends smile!" Coda can only reply with "What?"

Unfinished pony game

He has also expressed that he was coding a fan game, but so far no specific details on the game or its progress have surfaced, other than the fact that it's currently on hold.

List of ponymations

# Title Length Date Notes
1 Apple Spice 0:42 October 7, 2011
2 Meanwhile on ePony 0:16 October 15, 2011
3 Twilight to the Rescue 0:38 October 19, 2011
4 Pipsqueak's favorite princess 0:46 October 23, 2011
5 Sisterhooves Social (Awkwardness) 0:37 November 5, 2011
6 Discord finds a motorboat 0:29 November 11, 2011 see also Ponies in vehicles
7 Ride of the Hoop 0:40 November 12, 2011
8 Full Metal Tortoise 0:56 November 19, 2011
9 Foal Do Well 0:37 November 26, 2011
10 Sour & Poor 0:48 December 4, 2011
11 Secret of my expertise 0:37 December 10, 2011
12 Heart Warming Creep 0:38 December 20, 2011
13 Apple Spice STALLION Claus - Bronies 0:59 December 24, 2011
14 Family Snatching Day 0:38 January 8, 2012
15 Family Humiliation Day 0:45 January 9, 2012
16 Meanwhile on Equestria Daily 0:33 January 11, 2012
17 Baby Contradictions 0:51 January 14, 2012
18 Baby Jealousy 0:45 January 17, 2012
19 Last Renovation 1:13 January 22, 2012
20 Bunny 0:14 January 24, 2012
21 Back to the Derp 0:48 January 27, 2012
22 Requiem for a Cider 1:06 January 29, 2012
23 Read it and Freak 1:19 February 7, 2012
24 Eeyups and Nopes Day 1:14 February 17, 2012
25 A Friend in Rage 1:18 February 22, 2012
26 Fist of the Shy Pony 1:23 March 9, 2012
27 It's About Paradoxes 0:46 March 16, 2012
28 Dragon's Weakness 0:42 March 24, 2012
29 Hurricane Wondershy 1:08 March 30, 2012
30 Heartbroken Confidential 0:53 April 6, 2012
31 Grrrudge on Friendship Express 1:27 April 21, 2012
32 Chaotic Wedding 1:27 September 24, 2012
33 Pink Mantis 0:08 October 18, 2012
34 Gravity Pony Kingdom 0:18 November 10, 2012
35 Too Many Oranges 0:14 November 17, 2012
36 One Dark Apple 0:21 November 27, 2012
37 Trickster Duel 0:27 December 1, 2012

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