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Mixermike622, also known as FluffyMixer on YouTube, is a male American artist and voice actor. Mixermike622 is best known for creating Fluffy Ponies including Fluffle Puff who appears in many of his works which includes animations, games (including GO FAST) and comics.

Dan Vs FiM

Main article: Dan Vs FiM

Dan Vs FiM was an "ask blog" style tumblr centered around Dan from Dan Vs interacting with different My Little Pony characters. The comics also occasionally featured Fluffle Puff. Mixermike622 also made a few animations on his YouTube channel based on the blog. Dan Vs FiM is no longer updated.

Ask Fluffle Puff

The success of Dan Vs FiM eventually led to Mixermike622 creating another "ask blog" style tumblr titled Ask Fluffle Puff that focuses on Fluffle Puff.

Fluffle Puff Tales

Main article: Fluffle Puff Tales

After the tumblr's follower count hit 3,000, Mixermike622 uploaded what became the first in a series of animations called Fluffle Puff Tales. In addition to 12 episodes, the series also includes two PMVs called FPMVs. Mixermike622 voices Fluffle Puff in most of the animations.


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