Millennia: Starfall
Writer(s) Thunderblast
Date published November/December 2018
Status Unreleased
Type/genre Dark, drama, adventure, AU
Featuring Star Shooter
Part of Millennia Saga

Millennia: Starfall is an upcoming dark military adventure drama story by Thunderblast, and is the sequel to Millennia: Eye of the Storm, behind Millennia: Beginning. It is set to be published in November or December.


After settling down away from the bustle of Manehattan, Star Shooter, a Lunar Marine, returns to his short-lived home away from home to find both nothing—and everything—has changed in countless ways. He soon meets new acquaintances, makes new enemies, and creates fresh alliances, but also must brace for the darkest time of his life that will be a true test of his capability.


Main Characters

  • Star Shooter: Star is a 22-year old dark blue pegasus stallion from Coltlumbus, ranking at Corporal in the New Lunar Marine Corps and serving as a METOC Analyst Forecaster after formerly being a radarpony aboard the L.R.S. Eclipse.
  • Ray Blitz: Ray is a pegasus radio show host in Canterlot and the coltfriend of Star Shooter, having moved from his home in Ponyville to live with him.
  • Nightpath: Night large brown draft earth pony stallion from Baltimare, ranking at Lance Corporal in the Lunar Marines, serving as a nuclear engineer. Originally enemies in boot camp, him and Star befriend each other to become best friends.
  • Silver Edge: Silver is a beige unicorn with a silver stripe down his mane, earning him the 'Silver' in his name. After mistakenly becoming a Marine, Silver transfers to the Navy like he originally planned, having temporarily served aboard the L.R.S Gibbous, his uncle's ship, but later re-transferred to the Eclipse. He is a Petty Officer 3rd Class and originates from Las Haygas.
  • Ashfall: Ash is a 26-year old military-green earth pony and a Corporal in the Lunar Marines, in the 1st Infantry Division, 3rd Marine Regiment, and is Anchorage's best friend. Out of the two, he is the strongest. Ash originates from the town of Whitetail Woods.
  • Anchorage: Anchorage is a 25-year old white-grey pegasus with a northern accent, born in Winneighpeg. He is a Petty Officer 1st Class in the Lunar Navy, serving as an electronics technician stationed aboard the L.R.S. Eclipse, but also formerly and temporarily the L.R.S. Gibbous. He is Ashfall's best friend, and out of the two, he is the smartest.
  • Hardstaff: Hardstaff is a Master Sergeant in the Lunar Marines and the squad leader of Star's unit.
  • Anti Prower: Anti is an F/A18 fighter pilot aboard the L.R.S. Eclipse, serving in the Lunar Navy.
  • Baccarat: The taller, stronger, and quieter older brother of Black Mizu, nicknamed "Machine" by fellow squad mates and Marines. He ranks at First Sergeant and leads the 3rd Infantry Division.
  • Black Mizu: Medic officer in the Lunar Marines and Baccarat's younger brother, serving alongside him in the 3rd Infantry Division at the rank of Lance Corporal.
  • Storm: Storm is the rather cocky, jokester-like stallion of the bunch in the 3rd Infantry Division. He ranks at Corporal and is an expert markspony.
  • Stripe: The quiet but technological geek of the 3rd Infantry Division.
  • Disa: Disa is an energetic tank crew member.

Secondary/Minor Characters

  • Sunset Haze: Sergeant Major in the Lunar Marines, Ashfall's squad leader, serving in the 1st Infantry Division, 3rd Marine Regiment.
  • Arc Nobis: Arc is a Captain in the Lunar Marines and Shadow's second-in-command. Out of everyone by far, he has the most experience in battles and missions. He also suffers from multi-personality syndrome created by an encounter with dark magic on a covert mission to Foscovia years prior, and it is enhanced by the post-traumatic stress of his platoon being killed in action, which has wreaked havoc in the past.
  • Shadow: Shadow is the commanding officer of the L.R.S. Eclipse, a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier in the Lunar Fleet, as well as Star's friend before he enlisted in the Marines.
  • Tacimo: Tacimo is a Senior Chief Petty Officer, stationed aboard the L.R.S. Eclipse.
  • Snow Storm: Snow is a First Lieutenant in the Lunar Marines, and leader of a squadron specializing in eliminating cyber threats and real-world ones.
  • Javelin Charm: Javelin is a maroon unicorn and wears squared glasses, and is the communications and technical officer of Snow Storm's elite unit.
  • Suldur: Suldur is an ambassador of the country of Ajerstan who has a liking for Equestria and wishes to put an end to the conflict.
  • Buchard: Buchard is a consul for the country of Ajerstan who holds a strong distaste for Equestria, only further increased after an attempted assassination on him while on a diplomatic trip to Manehattan.
  • Gantry: Gantry is the fleet admiral of the Ajerstanian Navy.
  • Bolt Action: Bolt is a Corporal in the Foscovian Army.
  • Magnus: An earth pony Marine working in Aphrodite's office.
  • Aphrodite: Sergeant Major Marine that runs the geology office at Joint Naval Station Manehattan, and was Star's "second boss". She wears her mane in a bun.
  • Argonne Lunis: A unicorn stallion that stands "a few inches taller" than Star. He also works in the geology office, and was given the nickname "Argony".
  • Skillshot: Skillshot is an earth pony corporal in the Equestrian Army that Star meets and befriends in Eye of the Storm.
  • Sea Watch: Quartermaster aboard the Eclipse. His rank is Petty Officer 2nd Class.
  • Vernon: The Eclipse's bridge communications officer.
  • Gallant: Earth pony sailor in Anchorage's division, originating from Fillydelphia.
  • Ironsides: ???


Story is not yet released, although reception is expected to be below average to average, like the first two stories.


Thunderblast is adamant that Starfall will be the conclusion to the Millennia Saga, but teases the idea of Star Shooter and many of the main characters of the series returning in a future crossover story between the characters of The Veins Run Deep series and The Guard of the Sun. The details are currently unknown as the idea is still being planned out, but it can be assumed that this story may become Thunderblast's longest, topping out around 300k+ words.

In April 2018, Thunderblast is interested in writing other spinoffs about Silver Edge and Anchorage.


  • Millennia: Starfall is confirmed to be the third and final book of the Millennia Saga.
    • Originally, the name of the third Millennia story was titled Millennia: The Beacon of Hope, and was said to center around the return of Nightmare Moon as the primary conflict with the main characters setting off on a global journey to prevent it. Right now, it is unknown if Thunderblast will choose to write this idea in a future story, perhaps in a spinoff or a fourth story in the saga.
    • Starfall is expected to be around 70 chapters, a whole 28 more than both Beginning, and 20 more than Eye of the Storm.
    • Rumors exist that one or both of his main universe characters, either Thunderblast or Night Shadow (from The Guard of the Sun and The Veins Run Deep/Deeper, respectively) may have cameos or brief roles toward the middle arc of the story.
    • Thunderblast also confirmed that Starfall will 'take a new approach' to how the Lunar Marine Corps is shown in writing and present more 'realistic combat' than what is shown in Beginning and Eye of the Storm.
    • The timeline of Starfall will take place between December 2016 and October-November 2017, according to Pegiverse timeline rules.
  • Because vehicles such as cars do not exist within the Pegiverse, Thunderblast stated that Starfall will 'push the boundaries of the universe' with the inclusion of military vehicles, such as LAVs and tanks.
  • The theme song of Millennia: Starfall is Do You Realize by Ursine Vulpine.