Midwestria Presents - Ponies on Parade is a fundraiser album for the musicians who atteneded the Midwestria Convention in 2012.

Midwestria Presents - Ponies on Parade

Midwestria Presents - Ponies on Parade
A0058704528 10
Compilation album
Released September 5, 2012
Length 41:03
Website Bandcamp
No. Title Artist(s) Length
1. "Gone (Early Disappearance Mix)" Mortimer 4:40
2. "Lavender Remix" EHT 5:18
3. "Lift Your Wings (And Fly) Ft. Cyril" Taps 5:59
4. "Summer Sun Celebration (After Dawn)" Seventh Element 5:01
5. "I-55" Chain Algorithm 5:13
6. "Love Is In Bloom (Slow Flower Remix)" F3nning 4:39
7. "Day on Sweet Apple Acres" Cyril the Wolf 3:31
8. "In Canterlot (ft Sureshot)" Grace Note 3:51
9. "Nightmare Sonata" ThePaintedTarget 4:51
Total length: 41:03

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