Mic The Microphone
MictheMicrophones OC
Other names MicTheMicrophoneZero
Zachary Lobertini
Known as Musician
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Mic The Microphone is a brony rapper notable for being one of the first major musicians in the community, joining in late 2011, as well as one of the most popular rappers. He is well-known for his collaborations with various other notable musicians such as Jackle App, TheLivingTombstone, and WoodenToaster. He is also a partnered livestreamer on Twitch, where he plays video games almost daily.

Nightmare Night

Nightmare Night [WoodenToaster + Mic The Microphone]
Creator(s) Mic The Microphone and WoodenToaster
Composition WoodenToaster
Lyrics Mic The Microphone and WoodenToaster
Vocals Mic The Microphone and WoodenToaster
Duration 3:15
Type/genre Rap
Show connection Luna Eclipsed

Nightmare Night, one of Mic The Microphone's first major collaborations, was released on October 31st, 2011. The song is based on the Season 2 episode "Luna Eclipsed." The first verse details Princess Luna's visit to Ponyville on Nightmare Night as well as everypony's fear of her due to her time as Nightmare Moon. The chorus briefly discusses Luna's archaic mannerisms while warning the listener that they "won't have long to prepare" for her. The second verse tells the listener to present an offering of candy to Ponyville's statue of Nightmare Moon.

Nightmare Night is frequently listed on rankings of brony songs, placing 34th on Celestia Radio's list of the top 50 songs of 2011 and 3rd on Everfree Network's Top 100 list.


Creator(s) Rudebrat
Composition Rudebrat
Lyrics Mic The Microphone and iBringDaLulz
Vocals Mic The Microphone and iBringDaLulz
Duration 3:49
Type/genre Rap
Released on April 1st, 2012, Obsolete is a collaborative effort by iBringDaLulz and Mic The Microphone as part of TwentyTen, a group consisting of iBringDaLulz, The Living Tombstone, WoodenToaster, and Mic The Microphone. The song discusses how some people believe iBringDaLulz and Mic The Microphone are "obsolete" and how the two do not allow that to phase them. iBringDaLulz's verses revolve primarily around his disregard for "haters" and boasts about his own abilities. Mic The Microphone's verses revolve around his praise for both the show and the fandom. The lyrics themselves were not originally part of the song, originally done by Rudebrat.

Selection of other songs

2011-11-11 Sister Hate 3:13 Electronic Collaboration with The Living Tombstone
2011-11-30 Good ol' Days 3:32 Electronic Collaboration with The Living Tombstone and Jackle App
2011-12-07 One Trick Pony 3:07 Rap Collaboration with Jackle App

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