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MegaSweet is a long time pony community artist that had become a driving force in the rapidly growing fandom when it was still young. Much of his early works had spread memetically and was renowned for it until his involvement in other pony-related topics, mainly humanized ponies, superseded it. As a formally taught art student, he developed his own styles based on the experience of his previous works.

As of October 2013, there are over 1500 images on Derpibooru tagged under his name.[1]


According to an interview, MegaSweet started drawing anonymously on 4chan's pony threads on the Comics and Cartoons board as early as December 2010[2]. Much of his involvement in contributing was met with positive attention, despite the fact that most of his final renditions remained uncolored. He later created a deviantART account, though his gallery would consist of what he has already posted. Amongst many of these uncolored posts was an image of Pinkie Pie posing with a very humanlike shrug. The lineart gained such a massive following of variants to the point where it is now seen as an exploitable template.

Why by megasweet

MegaSweet's earliest artwork often would be reposted as a reaction image.

MegaSweet's earliest drawings gained popularity in the same sense that many reaction images become popular - they're convenient to repost amongst the "chan"-style culture. However, most of his explicit content regarding ponies wasn't created until he explored humanized art.

Continuing to draw for /co/'s evolving My Little Pony General, or MLPG, he was amongst the first to draw humanized ponies, long before the production of the official Equestria Girls human counterparts. Judging from the /co/ archives, it was relatively easy to decipher his contributions from the other active artists. 

At the rising popularity of pony Tumblrs, MegaSweet opened a Tumblr dedicated on his Sweetie Belle personality, or "Smarty Belle"[3], which consisted of a bubbly, bright minded white filly. Much of his works that were colored, including the majority of what is seen in this tumblr, have no outlines.

This would be the same style that would be found in the silhouetted pony wallpapers, which were posted on Equestria Daily[4] on May 24, which still remain a popular desktop choice even today.

Hot Topic Shirts


Pony shirt (top) in a side-by-side comparison with MegaSweet's original silhouette wallpaper (bottom).

In August 2011, a number of pony T-shirts emerged in Hot Topic retail stores, following a design contest hosted by Mighty Fine[5]. One of the entries included a background recolor of MegaSweet's Rainbow Dash silhouette wallpaper, despite not having permission from him[6]. Mighty Fine representative later responded by asking to "compensate" him for the design. No public word has been given on whether or how he has been compensated, but the design remained in production following these events.

MegaSweet remains somewhat active currently, and occasionally posts on his Tumblr accounts and on DeviantART.


Artist-megasweet pinkie pie wallpaper

A sample of MegaSweet's gallery



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