MLP Animation Analysis is a series of videos by YouTube user gbeaudette. Each video is a couple of minutes long, and in each gbeaudette breaks down a specific piece of animation, usually from a recent episode. He explains the animation process and recreates the scene in Flash. The series has been positively commented on by a layout artist and an animation revisionist, both of whom work on the show.[1][2]

List of episodes

# Title Length Published Topic covered
1 Breaking Down a Walk Cycle 5:02 February 22, 2012 Pinkie's walk cycle in
A Friend in Deed
2 Applejack Throws a Hay Bale 3:55 February 28, 2012 a minor scene wipe in
The Last Roundup
3 Fluttershy's Dramatic Camera Move 4:06 March 6, 2012 a camera move in
Putting Your Hoof Down
4 Painting Zip Lines 3:47 March 14, 2012 an animation shortcut present in many episodes
5 Talk is Cheap 4:07 March 28, 2012 mouth movements in general
6 Da magics 8:51 April 25, 2012 magic effects in general
7 Walk it Off 6:46 June 7, 2012 walking in general
8 Winging It 10:29 September 9, 2012 wings in general & a short scene
9 A Hearth's Warming Eve Miracle 4:29 December 20, 2013 Effect shots in
Hearth's Warming Eve


  1. Forum comment by layout artist "Nayuki" (2012-03-06). Retrieved on 2012 March 29.
  2. March 2012 YouTube comment by Rex Liwanag (2012-03). Retrieved on 2012 March 29.

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