Luper Pony
Final OC-3 Finish
OC by Karma
Other names Karma13
Active since January 5, 2015
Known as Artist

Writer Youtuber


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Luper Pony, or commonly known as Karma13 is a brony that arose around the time of MLP FIM Season 5, he is a artist, animator, musician, and a Brony YouTuber. He also has a YT channel under the name Karma13 Reacts or Luper Squad, and is also the author and artist for a fanfic\comic called DemiAngel.


He is called Luper Pony because he decided to live on the name of his old YT channel name and group, Luper Squad 5, which involved the members: Minus Pineapple, ChompTV, King Karlington, Mr.SANZ, and of course, Karma13. The group disbanded for reasons left unsaid and Karma13 took over the channel, changed the name, and became a reaction channel, after that he started his own Deviantart featuring not only fan made art of My Little Pony: FIM, but also a majority of anime and his own creations. He now writes Fanfictions, makes music, draw fanart, and he has a reaction channel on YouTube. Also, his favorite pony is Berry Punch.


Karma has an upcoming comic on Deviantart about his OC called "DemiAngel", a story about how his apathetic and ostracized OC, Karuma ( Japanese for Karma) meets and has adventures with a mare named called Berry Punch who teaches him to care, have friends, and learn emotions..... and possibly more.

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