Love and Comfort is a comic made by Willis96 of deviantART.


It begins with Twilight Sparkle downstairs looking in a book full of memories with her family. Spike notices her tearing up and asks what's wrong. Twilight says it's nothing, but begins to cry and admit she's homesick, missing her parents, Shining Armor and Cadance. She says being away from them makes her feel so...alone. Spike comforts Twilight saying she doesn't need to feel lonely, seeing how her family and old friends still love and care for her and are probably thinking about her right now. Spike then says he'll always be there for Twilight, no matter what. Twilight gives Spike a nuzzle and thanks him. She then asks him to make a promise, that he'll always be Twilight's friend and never stop being such a sweet little dragon, and Spike promises.

Thank you

Twilight nuzzles Spike.

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