Lightning Dust
Standing Lightning Dust by HankOfficer
Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
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Lightning Dust is a turquoise pegasus who acts as a foil to Rainbow Dash in Wonderbolts Academy. She loses her position in the Wonderbolt Academy after endangering others.


Lightning Dust is a foil to Rainbow Dash much as Trixie and Sunset Shimmer are to Twilight Sparkle. Like Rainbow Dash, she is brash and competitive. However, Lightning Dust is much more reckless and less responsible, caring more about her self-interests than the interests of others.

Depiction in fan labor

Numerous fanworks are based around Lightning Dust after the events of Wonderbolts Academy often trying to figure out what she did that got her kicked out of the Academy.[1] Some depict Rainbow Dash helping her to get back into the Academy.[2][3] Occasionally, fanworks go into what led Lightning Dust to make the decisions she made.[4][5]


Left in the Dust by C-Puff

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