Light in the Dusk
Writer(s) AlphaTheGriffin17
Date published 06-17-12 - 07-21-12 (

01-20-13 - 02-03-12 (

Words 65,246
Status Complete
Type/genre Romance, Adventure
Featuring Dusk Noir, Twilight Sparkle, Mane 6
Part of Dusk Noir Saga
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Light in the Dusk by AlphaTheGriffin17 is the first book in the Dusk Noir Saga, detailing the adventures of Dusk Noir.


The story has a nice blend between original and show chapters, meshing together almost seamlessly


Meet Dusk Noir. Mr. Solitude. According to himself, average, run-of-the-mill. A unicorn with a personal mission. Wait in the library and talk to Twilight Sparkle, hoping they could become friends.

Except she doesn't show up. Disappointed he starts walking home, noticing that the Mare in the Moon had vanished.

He discovered that a group of 6 mares used the Elements of Harmony against the real Mare in the Moon, Nightmare Moon, defeating her and freeing Princess Luna. Days later rumours are floating about a dragon taking a nap near the settlement of Ponyville and a swarm of sorts in Fillydelphia.

During the Canterlot Celebration of the return of Princess Luna, Celestia and Luna unveil the stain-glass window predicting Nightmare Moon's defeat by the Elements of Harmony. During which Dusk discovers that Twilight has found other friends. His hopes crushed, he flees the celebration. When he is alone, he lets the tears fall and summons a unique talent of his, one he keeps a secret, the ability to make coloured magic puppets. No other unicorn could do this. Fearing this magic would keep him even more weird , more secluded.

He makes puppets of himself and Twilight and makes a small scene, with the Twilight puppet leaving the Dusk one. He then discovered his scene has been watched by Princess Celestia, who likes his magic.

Celestia notes that one of the puppets was looking similar to her student and asks if he would like to be Twilight's friend.

She returns to the festivities, but not before asking Dusk's name.

A few days later, Dusk receives a letter bearing the royal seal. He is appointed as the second assistant librarian, under Twilight Sparkle by Princess Celestia.

After arriving in Ponyville, he goes to the market and buys an Apple from Applejack, who starts a small conversation. He leaves soon after and heads to the house he has been given.

He goes out for a walk in the evening. He meets Pinkie Pie and her twitching tail, nearly getting hit by a piano. Going back to the market place, where Applejack is closing her stall. He walks with her to the farm.

He leaves, with a faint hope that people might like him after all.

chapter 4


Dusk Noir

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