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Legion is a multi-genre producer and musician, who began producing in May of 2012.

He is currently working on his first album, entitled This Platform.



  • This Platform (2013)


Year Title Release
2012 Strings of Change (ft. Flutter Bully & ElectroKaplosion) N/A
Discord's Game The Lesser Knowns
The Journey (ft. Kyoga) N/A
One Hope Remains This Platform
Apples of my Eye (w/ Feather & Rhyme Flow) N/A
On a Cold Winter's Night This Platform
2013 Good Things are Better This Platform
On the Mark This Platform


Year Title Original artist Release
2012 "Pinkie Has Something to Prove" (Mashup) Alex S & Equinox N/A
"Amplifyre (Legion Remix)" Ibeabronyrapper & Omnipony ft. Nowacking N/A
2013 "Meteor Shower (Extended Edit)" Owl City N/A
"A Portrait of the Autist (Legion Remix)" Dan Bull N/A
"Dreams Don't Turn to Dust (Chiptune Cover)" Owl City N/A

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