Other names NihilisticPony
Known as Musician
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Kyoga is an American sound designer and composer. While he covers various genres, he primarily makes ambient instrumentals. He is currently a site administrator on the brony music forum, My Little Remix.


Published Title Length Genre Notes
2012-03-24 Bringing the Rain 4:54 Electronic/Acoustic
2012-08-14 Behind You 5:53 Ambient
2012-08-26 A New World 5:29 Ambient
2012-10-30 Slender Me 3:48 Ambient Rap ft. Rhyme Flow
2013-01-20 Of Greater Horizons 3:51 Orchestral
2013-02-11 We the Beasts 4:17 Industrial
2014-04-27 Eyes of Tranquility 18:11 Ambient

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