Writer(s) Lilc12354
Date published November 28, 2013
Words 12,190
Status Complete
Type/genre Mystery
Kidnapped is a story written by Lilc12354, and follows a fictional princess, Ikaros, as she escaped her kidnapper, which is doing whatever he can to get her back.


The story starts out with Celestia taking Ikaros to her room New room in Canterlot. Once Celestia left a kidnapper comes Into the room but Ikaros fights back, giving her some time to escape, but when she reaches the door, she is knocked out. She wakes up and finds out she's in a underground house in the evergreen forest.

Sixteen years later, Ikaros notice her kidnapper (Silence) forgot lock the door for the way out. She reluctantly exits and follows Silence until.she's out the forest. (Getting hurt while trying). She sees Fluttershy and before she blacks out, screams to get her attention.

Ikaros wakes up in Fluttershy's cottage and sees the mane 6and her two new guards telling her that Celestia wants to see her and never gave up on the search for her.

The next day, she arrives in canterlot and Celestia asked her questions about if she remember who took her. Ikaros is later escorted to her old room.

A week later, Ikaros befriends Lucky Shot, Lightning Thrash, and a mare named Star. Ikaros falls asleep and in her dream Silence returns with Dissaper and assassins Predator and Spritus.

Ikaros first tells Star then her guards and ask to be alone. Soon after Spritus hits her leg with a knife and Lucky hit him (not told where) and he carries Ikaros to the hospital.

She I released the next day and as a party the guards and Star held a goldfish competition. Star used her magic to cheat the odds which resulting in a cupcake war and Team Face Crushers (Ikaros and Star). Celestia walks in with Ikaros' sister Akina, who tells her that their parents died in a fire a day before.

After giving her sister "a grand tour" of the castle. Ikaros thought she had a meeting with Celestia in the library, but when she gets there she finds the librarian tied up and backs into Spiritus and Predator. She flies to the second floor but is shoot in the wing and gets cut on her neck.

A month later, Star takes Ikaros takes her to Celestia and Luna but Star ends up running off for the excuse of she has a headache, but Ikaors tackles her and finds out Star is actually a changling named Rain Chaser who wanted to help her.

Celestia sends them on a mission to capture Silence and his gang. Rain Chaser's brother Dragon tries to make a deal but Rain's split persona Death takes control, slaps Dragon in the face, and leading him away. While Rainbow Dash is off guard, an arrow approaches her but Lightning gets in front of her and gets hit in the leg. Lightning and Rainbow Dash stay behind.

They reach Silence's house, Predator is shot in the eye, Applejack tackles Spritus, Dissaper is blown away somewhere, and Ikaros manages to tie up Silence.

Lucky and Fluttershy take Silence to Canterlot as they discover Rainbow Dash hurt, Lightning taking by Dragon, and Rain in a net. Ikaros, Twilight, and Applejack, go back for them. But Dragon tries to kill everyone which results in Twilight setting out smoke and her cutting down Lightning. Rain shows up and disguise himself as Ikaros so they can escape. Twilight teleportation herself and Lightning to Canterlot for treatment.

Later, Celestia, Luna, Ikaros, and Lucky find out Silence escaped, and Lucky and Ikaros see a injured Lightning, after saying a few words, Ikaros runs out crying saying everything happening to everypony around her is her fault.

A month has past and Lightning's personality has changed leaving him serious every second of the day and only Akina and Rainbow Dash can change it for a few minutes. Akina realises she's late on meeting her friend Vanilla, but as they play tag and she hides in a building Predator finds her and kidnaps her.

Akina wakes up in a cage with a chain around her. Predator says that she can't take it anymore and tells Akina she'll get her out when everyone's asleep.

Through Lucky's perspective, he tries to persuade Ikaros not to leave but she does so he follows.

Predator has Akina hide under her cloak as they escape but as they reach Canterlot guards ask that Predator come with then but Akina tells her sister that she saved her. Ikaros believes her and says she needs to get cleaned up.

Later, Celestia has Predator draw out plans that she remembers. Luna leaves quickly and Rain follows her. 

At Akina's perspective, she hears Luna and Spritus in the hallway and after they're done talking Dragon mistakes Akina as Ikaros and says that there should be no witnesses.

Ikaros hears from Rain that Dragon set the balcony on fire, so Ikaros teleports herself and Lucky to her room. She ask that Akina be pur down. Dragon says she stopped breathing seconds ago and dropped her in the fire. Lightning shows up punching him in the face for his injury then piercing his neck for Akina.

After Akina's funeral Ikaros inherits her parents kingdom, and after her tour she's alone with Silence and ask him to end this. She flies into a field with Silence invincible. She channels her dark side and turns into her dark self and kills Silence.

A week later she is crowned Queen. And so endings follow.

Bad: Ikaros couldn't contain her dark side and goes on a mass murdering spree. She is later caught and executed.

Good: Ikaros goes back to her sister's grave with her husband Lucky and their daughter.


A sequel called Brought Into Darkness is currently being written. Following a unicorn being crowned and taking over Ikaros' depressed kingdom. While being chased down by Ikaros herself, and this will follow the bad ending.

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