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Other names Kanduli
Active since January 2010
Known as Artist
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Khuzang is a brony artist and Flash animator from the Philippines. He is best known for his Equestria Girls-inspired artwork, super-deformed art style, and animations featuring humanized ponies.

Muffin Story

Muffin Story

Muffin Story - Don't Steal Muffin
Date added October 18, 2014
Status Ongoing
Voices Various
Muffin Story is Khuzang's most notable and ongoing series of animated works. It is a series of animated comedy shorts starring human characters from the My Little Pony Equestria Girls series of films. Animated in a super-deformed art style, these shorts usually center around Derpy.


Published Title Duration Notes
2014-10-08 No Steal Muffin 0:29
2014-11-30 She Might Deliver 0:49 version w/ musical score
2015-01-11 Taco No Muffin 1:30 feat. Jennabun
2015-02-14 To Heart You 1:27 feat. Jennabun
2015-04-11 Don't Steal Muffin 0:49 remake of "No Steal Muffin";
version w/ musical score
2015-12-05 Raining Unrest 1:28 feat. Wubcake, WishesLotus,
and Cora Zone
2016-01-16 Snow Day 1:45 feat. truesailorcomet
2016-06-04 Be Liked Again 2:14 feat. Wubcake and Pinkie Rose
2016-07-09 Bungee Jump 0:45 feat. Wubcake

Other animated works

Published Title Duration Notes
2013-10-06 Pretty Fly for a Twilight 0:40 audio by Tara Strong and Bronyfied
2013-12-28 Sunset Shimmers Wants Cake 1:45 parody of "Nicolas Cage Wants Cake"
2014-03-18 Applejack PERFECT apple bucking.test 0:06
2014-06-15 Pinkie Chibi Pie Sings Smile Song 0:48 audio by The Living Tombstone
2014-09-13 Vying for Attention 2:11 audio by NIKUMANGUITAR
2014-11-17 If 2008 created Equestria Girls 3:07
2015-03-29 Pilot - Muffin Breaker 2:08 feat. Jennabun
2015-08-07 Derpin'dorf 1:08


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