johnjoseco, often referred to as JJ, is a notable artist in the Friendship is Magic fandom. He is often seen as the face of pony humanization in the fandom.[citation needed]


In his DeviantArt gallery, he draws with much resemblance to the show, the giveaway being the shading and lighting effects. In the Ask Molestia tumblr, he usually draws very sharp lines, and doesn't use color for the most part, rather using shades of light purple and pink, or white. He has stated on a post of his that he is not one for doing OCs.

Notable works

Pony Button Collection

A collection of 29 buttons featuring various ponies from the show as well as a few fan made spin-offs.[1] The button were later held for sale at BronyCon.[2]

Ask Princess Molestia

A popular Ask Pony blog featuring a perverted version of Princess Celestia and a video game loving Princess Luna.

Good Morning Pony Collection

A series of illustrations depicting various ponies in beds or having appearing to have just woken up. Each drawing is titled "Good morning [pony name]". One of these drawings however was titled "Good Evening Vinyl Scratch".[3]

External links

DeviantArt page


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