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Jennabun is an American voice actress and singer in the brony community. She has starred in numerous My Little Pony fan works (commonly in the role of Sonata Dusk) and collaborations. Much of her voice work includes audio dubs of fan-made MLP comics and song covers.

Original character

Jennabun's OC (original character) was created on May 14, 2014. She is a female Pegasus pony with a white coat, dark brown mane and tail with light brown highlights, and a light pink bow. Her cutie mark is a pink heart with a blue music note and a microphone horizontally crossed over it. She is a fun and upbeat mare who loves to fly across the sky and spread her singing to the world. She enjoys making others laugh and always enjoys spreading a smile across their face. She's very timid and gentle when first met, but once you get to know her, she's the life of the party and the star of karaoke.

Voice work

Comic dubs

Published Title Voice Creator
2014-09-05 The Best Mare Twilight Sparkle Veggie55
2014-09-12 Proud Parents Applejack Veggie55
2014-11-07 Terrifying Presence Fluttershy Gray--Day
2014-11-30 Boundaries Pinkie Pie HatBulbProductions
2014-12-01 HNNNNG Fluttershy Edowaado
2014-12-28 Bats Without Pointless Drama Fluttershy DrawPonies
2015-01-20 Angel Bunny Receives His Recompense Fluttershy DrawPonies
2015-01-29 Art Class Sweetie Belle Pony-Berserker
2015-03-03 The Only Way to Save Equestria Twilight Sparkle DrawPonies
2015-03-07 Freefall Scootaloo LupiArts
2015-03-17 Luna, Dream Warrior! Fluttershy DrawPonies
2015-05-13 Ponymotes: Taste Testing Pinkie Pie
Twilight Sparkle
2015-05-24 Emergency Edible Boots Sweetie Belle Omni87
2015-10-25 Optional S.O.S. All LoCeri
2015-10-26 Scoot-A-Loo All Pony-Berserker
2015-10-27 Broken Expectations All Daniel-SG
2015-10-28 It's Hard Being Good Fluttershy Scootaloo Veggie55
2015-11-01 Applejacks Big Test Granny Smith DrawPonies
2015-11-04 Tanks For Nothing Fluttershy Applejack

Pinkie Pie

Twilight Sparkle

2015-11-04 Ask Rainbow Venom and Others Rainbow Dash GamerPen
2015-11-10 Rainbow Tales: Training Pains Apple Bloom Applejack Narflarg
2015-11-14 Find Yourself OC EStories
2015-11-18 Irrational Minds Pinkie Pie
2015-11-20 Solution Fluttershy DoubleWBrothers
2015-11-21 A Rocky Treat Mrs. Cake AniRichie-Art
2015-11-25 Dare I Say Apple Bloom Evil-DeC0Y
2015-11-26 Come Out of Your Shell All Daniel-SG
2015-12-03 There's a Monster at The End of This Comic Fluttershy Heir-Of-Rick
2015-12-10 It's Not Your Fault All Heir-Of-Rick
2015-12-12 Seeds of Darkness (Episode 1) OC EStories
2015-12-18 Seeds of Darkness (Episode 2) Fluttershy Pinkie Pie


2015-12-20 Impossible Crusade All ColtSteelStallion
2015-12-29 Gift Horse Fluttershy GrievousFan
2016-01-02 An Explosive Surprise Pinkie Pie Daniel-SG
2016-01-04 The Council of Shy All DM29
2016-01-10 Behind Every Beautiful Thing Filly Celestia Veggie55
2016-01-12 Seeds of Darkness (Episode 3) OC

Derpy Hooves

2016-01-17 You've Done it Now, Twi All ColtSteelStallion
2016-02-14 SuggahCube Apple Bloom BrainDps
2016-02-16 Twilight and the Fourth Wall Pinkie Pie CipherPie
2016-03-02 You're Not Popular All Daniel-SG
2016-03-12 Creature Movie Night Fluttershy ZSparkonequus
2016-03-18 How Rarity Got Her Groovy Back Fluttershy Katie Cook

Other works

Published Title Voice Creator
2014-09-27 A Softly Warm Kiss Fluttershy NolyCS
2014-11-06 Fluttershy War Fluttershy Carmen (Mary Medley)
2014-12-14 A Buck to the Face - The Mysterious Mare Do Well Damsel Brawny Buck
2015-01-11 Animation: Muffin Story - Taco No Muffin Sonata Dusk
Derpy Hooves
2015-01-17 Hi my name is FlameTheGamer OC FlameTheGamer
2015-02-10 MLP Fanfic Reading: 'Nope' Scootaloo Hoof and Quill
2015-02-11 MLP Fanfic Reading: "Big Brother is Watching You" Granny Smith Bolding
2015-02-13 MLP Fanfic Reading: "Punny Pinkie" Herself Bolding
2015-02-14 Animation: Muffin Story - To Heart You All Khuzang
2015-02-17 Ponies Visit Omegle Fluttershy Cassypony
2015-02-24 Animation: Sonatalicious Sonata Dusk Jakeneutron
2015-02-25 Animation: My Little Pony: Project Valiance - Episode 1 Princess Celestia Vinson Visions
2015-03-29 Animation: Beware of the Horns Pinkie Pie Tired Brony
2015-03-29 Animation: Pilot - Muffin Breaker All Khuzang
2015-04-03 MLP Fanfic Reading: "Angel of Death" Young Mare Anonymous
2015-04-05 MLP Fanfic Reading: He-Man, The Mightiest Hero In Equestria™ Fluttershy Blueshift
2014-04-09 Animation: What If KP Was Discord? Pinkie Pie ILoveKimPossibleALot
2015-05-18 MLP Fanfic Reading: "Daring Douche - Chapters 1-2" Pinkie Pie BrandNewWriteFag
2015-07-09 Animation: My Little Pony: Project Valiance - Episode 2 Rainbow Dash Vinson Visions
2015-07-12 MLP Fanfic Reading: "A Surprise Indeed" Pinkie Pie Bolding
2015-11-13 Fluttershy Plays "Would You Rather" Fluttershy One Mighty Roar
2015-11-18 Five Nights at Pinkie's (Night 1 Call) Pinkie Pie CountDerpy
2015-11-22 MLP Fanfic Reading: "Fighting" Sweetie Belle Sir Hat
2015-11-27 Shadows in Equestria - Episode 2 Bon Bon Color Wonder
2015-11-29 MLP Fanfic Reading: 'A Visit From the Dentist' Pinkie Pie Cut Glass
2015-12-07 Twilight Sparkle (2015 Voice Reel) Twilight Sparkle Jennabun
2015-12-07 MLP Fanfic Reading: "The Homesteading: Ch1" Sweetie Belle BookPlayer
2015-12-09 Applejack (2015 Voice Reel) Applejack Jennabun
2015-12-20 MLP Fanfic Reading: "The Homesteading: Ch2" Sweetie Belle BookPlayer
2015-12-20 MLP Fanfic Reading: "Swan Lake: Part 1" Apple Bloom 314
2015-12-24 How Discord Stole Hearth's Warming (Fanfic Reading) Sweetie Belle ShinyBidoof
2015-12-25 MLP Fanfic Reading: "The Homesteading: Ch3" Pinkie Pie BookPlayer
2015-12-28 MLP Fanfic Reading: "The Homesteading: Ch4" Pinkie Pie BookPlayer
2016-01-05 MLP Fanfic Reading: "Swan Lake: Part 2" Apple Bloom 314
2016-01-13 Animation: Wasteland Poneh Littlepip Vinson Visions
2016-01-18 MLP Fanfic Reading: "In the Lissome Light" Fluttershy Frickadilly
2016-01-26 MLP Fanfic Reading: "To Try For The Sun: Part 1" Filly Luna Rune Soldier Dan
2016-01-31 Life Changer Series (Episode 2) Fluttershy Drac Keagan VA
2016-02-20 Pinkie's Party Planning Service Pinkie Pie Miraculous Cora Zone
2016-03-05 Animation: Pinkie's Midnight Call Pinkie Pie Sugar Cloud
2016-03-11 TTKoM6 (Chapter 1) Twilight Sparkle ShrapnelLeader
2016-03-28 Animation: Pony and Mann 20 Fluttershy FD-Daylight

Selection of music

Published Title Length Notes
2014-12-24 Do They Know It's Christmas? 6:20 Collaboration with other bronies
2015-11-06 Stitches (Cover) 3:25 Original by Shawn Mendes
2015-11-19 Stop The Bats (Cover) 2:18 Voice-acting cover
2015-11-20 You'll Play Your Part (Cover) 3:09 Voice-acting cover ft. Cadie
2015-11-21 Unleash the Magic (Cover) 3:02 Voice-acting cover
2015-11-23 The Magic Inside (Cover) 2:20 Voice-acting cover
2015-12-05 Superluv (Cover) 4:08 Original by Shane Dawson
2015-12-22 Control (Cover) 3:29 Original by Halsey
2016-01-18 When Christmas Comes To Town (Cover) 3:41 Original by Matthew Hall and Meagan Moore
2016-03-19 Time is an Adventure (Cover) 3:32 Original by 4EverFreeBrony


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