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Iron Pony Challenge
Iron Pony Challenge
The title screen
Creator(s) Jinroh
Date published September 11, 2011 (deviantArt)
September 23, 2011 (Newgrounds)
Type of game Minigame compilation
Platform/engine Flash
Featuring Applejack
Rainbow Dash
Show connection Fall Weather Friends
Game link(s)

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Iron Pony Challenge is a flash game by Jinrohdev on deviantArt. This game is a collection of events related to Fall Weather Friends. There are 7 events total and the player can choose between either Applejack or Rainbow Dash.


Rainball Bounce

The object of this event is to bounce the ball on your pony's head as many times as you can.

How to play: Use the left and right arrow keys to move your pony. Bounce the ball on their head as no other places register a hit.

Long Jump

The goal of this event is to try and jump the longest distance.

How to play: Quickly tap the 'Z' key to run, after you have run past the yellow line you can use the 'UP' arrow to adjust your jump angle. Adjust your jump angle before you hit the white line and you'll jump at that angle.

Protip: Rainbow Dash has an advantage in this event.

Hoofball Punt

A fun event where ponies need to kick the hoofball far away.

How to play: Tap the 'z' key quickly to build up your kicking power. After an allotted time you a guage will be brought up and you can hit the 'Down' arrow to stop the moving line to select your kick angle.

Protip: Applejack has an advantage in this event.

Barrel Hurdle

Jump over the barrels and don't hit them.

How to play: Quickly tap the 'z' key continuously to run. When you need to jump over a barrel, tap the 'Up' arrow.

Protip: Rainbow Dash has an advantage in this event.

Strength Tester

A ponified version of the popular carnival game of the same name.

How to play: Quickly tap the 'z' key to build up strength, then when the target and cursor come up, press the 'Down' key to hit the target. Try to get the bulls eye as any other place on the target will cut your power by a fraction! If you ring the bell, it flies off just like in the show!

Protip: Applejack has an advantage in this event.

Chicken Walk

Alternate hitting the left and right arrows as directed on screen.

How to play: Alternate hitting the left and right keys in a rhythm, but don't tap them too fast as you'll make your pony buck the chicken. Chickens don't like to be bucked so it'll make your chicken angry. If you make your chicken too angry it'll jump off your back and run away. You can tell how angry your chicken is by its color, red means it is angry!

Tug o War

Try to pull your opponent over the line to win!

How to play: Tap the corresponding arrow once for each arrow prompt. If you tap it quickly enough you'll gain the advantage. It takes practice, but with some effort you can win the event.

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