Screenshot from v1.0 of the Blind Bag Finder for iPad and iPhone

The Blind Bag Finder is an application for iOS devices which shows you every wave of the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Blind Bags from the MLP Toys which you can buy in stores all around the world. The app shows you every pony with package codes, picture, name and personal ID. It is a tool which helps you to mark ponys you collected as well to find out which pony is in a not opened blindbag from stores.

The app was created from VaaChar and contains wave 1 to wave 9+ of the blindbags.

The app can be downloaded for free in the Apple AppStore for both iPad and iPhone.

Program history

The development of the Blind Bag Finder application started in 2014 and is still running since new waves are created and on the way to stores worldwide.

Supported platforms

The program is supported by iOS devices. It is not sure when the development for other devices than iPad and iPhone will start.

Available waves

In version 1.1 the Blind Bag Finder will support any wave from 1 to 10. New waves will be added to the application when they're new in store.

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