Hyper Dash
Active since July 21st, 2015
Known as Animator, Artist
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Hyper Dash is a brony artist and animator who has been making art in the form of vectors, digital paintings, comics and animation since July 21st, 2015, when he released his first piece to DeviantArt. His rather small moment in the spotlight was happened when his first comic, "Nickers Satisfies. So do muffins" was featured on the front of EQD. To this day, the comic is his most viewed piece.

He is currently working with Lunar Studios on an animation called "Remorse of the Sisters," revealed by the fact that he is in the credits as the animator for a recent short they released and the introduction animation for the animatic.

Types of art

Hyper uses Photoshop to create fully shaded digital paintings and simpler cell-shaded drawings, and previously used Affinity Designer to create show-style vectors. His animation program of choice is unknown but his work is usually show style and has used Minty Root's puppets, making it likely that he uses Adobe Flash or its newer incarnation, Animate. He also has T-shirt designs available on RedBubble and TeePublic.


He has three distinct art styles; his semi-realistic style and a related but simpler style which can be be found on his DeviantArt, and another style that can be found on simplehorsecomic. The first of these three styles seems to typically have greyscale-shaded characters, while the second seems to be usually shaded in full color, presumably to save time. Simplehorsecomic's style is self-described as "ludicrously simple" by a caricature of Hyper Dash himself.


Hyper seems to jump around with the subject of his art, though it's all pony related. He tends to make more art for Rainbow than any other pony, but it remains to be seen if the trend follows through.


He is not a popular artist by most standards, with his DeviantArt watch count rising to just around 400 after two years. However, his ask blog Ask Thorax is followed by an estimated 700 followers as of November 2017. He streams through Picarto, where he has over 100 followers, and uploads animations to a YouTube channel with a little over 50 subscribers.