(Video Special) Annihilator - Rainbow Destroyer02:49

(Video Special) Annihilator - Rainbow Destroyer

Img-1848310-1-hydroambience by animeculture-1d6mitdk

HydroAmbience's OC

Location: Fairport, New York, USA

Age: 15

According to HydroAmbience he has been making music for about 5-6 years and in past year has shown his ability of what he can do. About a month ago he showed up on soundcloud and started making music once again, getting better as time went on.

He usally makes Dubstep tracks, but once in awhile he makes other genre's of music. For example, House, Trance, and Techno. But recently, 4chan's /mlp/ board found out about him, and has since caused him to remove his music from his Soundcloud. 


Youtube - HydroAmbience's Channel

SoundCloud - HydroAmbience's Soundcloud

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