FiW: Horse Women
Creator(s) Sherclop Pones
Status Incomplete
Type/genre Parody
Part of Friendship is Witchcraft
Show connection Equestria Girls

Seed No Evil

Horse Women is the first Friendship is Witchcraft special. It is based off Equestria Girls. It was first revealed in a trailer uploaded in May 2013 and was confirmed to be in production by a video announcement in April 2014. The film is being released in separate parts with five being the anticipated number of which only the first part has been completed.



Part 1: Grazed and Confused

Friendship is Witchcraft: Horse Women - Part 1
Date added April 19, 2014
Duration 8:36

After turning Ponyville into geometric crystals, a now-alicorn Twilight Sparkle meets Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and Princess Candace (the twin sister of Princess Cadance). Before taking a nap, Twilight shares with Spike her thoughts about being princess and having everything she ever wanted. She complains that since she is now an alicorn, there is nothing else to take by force before going to bed after being comforted by Spike.

Later Twilight creates a political crisis by insulting some centaur ambassadors and stealing their possessions. Celestia thus decides to send her away while the issue is dealt with. She is made to go through a very dangerous portal that opens and closes every eight minutes and is followed by Spike.

Twilight ends up in the human world as a human while Spike transforms into a dog. After getting over the initial shock, the two discover that the portal has brought them to a high school and Twilight decides to attempt to become the center of attention. She briefly interacts with Flash Sentry who reminds Spike of Francis Sparkle before singing a song called High School Great about how she looks forward to the experience of high school.


Friendship is Witchcraft THE MOVIE01:07

Friendship is Witchcraft THE MOVIE

Original trailer

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