Hergest Ridge
Other names Canaveral305
Known as Musician
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Hergest Ridge is a French male musician. In addition to making his own music, he is also part of BeatleBrony. He can do vocals, keyboards, bass and percussions. Many of his songs are parodies.

List of compositions

Published Title Length Genre Notes
2012-01-05 What Would Twilight Sparkle Do? 2:20
2012-03-06 You Could Be Assertive Too 4:51
2012-05-07 The Herd (Join It) 4:09
2012-05-26 I'm An Earth Pony 3:55
2012-06-19 A Lucky Mare 5:06
2012-07-09 Nobody Loves Applejack 5:11 Collab with Cyril the Wolf
2012-07-27 Equestrian Life 8:36
2012-09-10 I've Stopped Watching Ponies 3:35
2012-11-14 Lyra Everywhere 4:37 Collab with Vivace Capriccioso

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